Constant sandwichboard



After work, I caught the bus to the U to meet Dom and off we went to Woodinville to attend the wedding of his former co-worker. It was a mercifully short ceremony and we were entertained by the pleasant company of one Ms. Rountree. Lovely. Dinner was AMAZING and the drinks particularly potent. I only had two, however, on account of me being on antibiotics. They also had one of those wonderful Wonka-esque chocolate fountains flowing. So of course, I ate way too much. After dancing to YMCA and watching a photo-slideshow (at the behest of the bride’s mother), Dom and I took our leave.


Dom and I had to take Tobe to the vet in the morning. He has some scabs around his head and one on his tummy so we wanted to get them checked out. The vet said that it could be either fleas (one could have hitched a ride into the house on me or Dom) or a food allergy. She said that cats can be allergic to certain proteins and since Dom and I pretty much give the cats fish exclusively, it seems likely. So he’s being treated for both and Marilyn is now being treated for fleas as well, just in case. Tobe has to take an antibiotic twice a day for 7 days. He loooooves that. Tobe is really turning out to be a special needs cat. Poor little guy.

After we dropped Tobe off, I had to run to the store to buy a pumpkin and an appetizer to bring to Kayobi’s pumpkin carving party. It was just for girls, so Dom dropped me off. I attempted a design that I downloaded from the internet which is supposed to be Otis Firefly’s head. It turned out decent, but only when there’s a candle inside. I will upload pictures soon. (Probably along with all the pictures from the upcoming Halloween Party Weekend!)

After Kayobi’s thing, Dom and I had to go BACK to the store to get food for krk’s birthday BBQ. Around this time, my cold started to kick my ass. I thought perhaps I could rest for a minute when I got home and feel ok, but it didn’t turn out that way at all. Once I sat down on the couch, I was unable to move. So, unfortunately, Dom had to go to krk’s party without me. Sorry, krk!

I did, however, have a lovely evening by myself doped up on Nyquil. I watched “Superstar” (which I LOVE, in spite of it being an SNL movie based on a rather weak character. It’s just so fucked up. And Harlan Williams is amazing in it.) and a bunch of “Strangers With Candy” episodes which are even more hilarious and surreal when medicated. I passed out at 10 and have no idea when Dom got home.


Sherrard, Dom, Dusty and I set out for a day hike on Tiger Mountain. This was my first hike in a very long time and so, compounded with my general gimpyness, we opted for a fairly flat trail. We started to climb the Tiger Mountain 3 trail, which, in elevation, is similar to that of Denny Way. I am perfectly capable of climbing Denny Way on foot. Of course, Denny Way is concrete, and Tiger Mountain 3 is mud, leaves, rocks and roots. It is decidedly more difficult. Sorry, guys. I love nature, but I’m just not that extreme. We walked all around “Tradition Lake” and took “The Bus Trail” past an old, rusty overturned hippie bus. It was entirely riddled with bullet holes and really cool (albeit dangerous) to stomp around in. We ate lunch by the lake and then Sherrard and I smoked half a doob down by the marsh. Good times.

We returned to Seattle around 2:30. I had the sudden urge to visit Uwajimaya, so after we were dropped off, Dom and I got in his car and drove to the I.D. We stocked up on delicious packaged Asian foods and returned home to eat them.

As we ate, I caved and watched the two “Lost” episodes that Dom has TiVo’d. They were…ok. Not as shitty as previous episodes. But that’s only because they didn’t feature Kate or Jack. A guest starring role by D.J. Qualls (for once not acting slightly retarded) helped. I love that guy.

Then Dom and I watched the first two Eccleston Doctor Who episodes (because I caved and finally bought them from and enjoyed them immensely before retiring for the evening.

Not a very wild weekend, but busy nonetheless. I’m still feeling fluey so who knows what I’ll be able to do next weekend. I need to rest up for Halloween. One thing is for sure…There will be a matinee of DOOM in there somewhere.