Free At Last

If you’ve spent any time with me during the past few months, you’ve doubtless heard me complain about it. Well, I’ve finally done it. I’ve left my job at the little startup that apparently couldn’t. It had to happen. My reasons were many but the biggest of them were money (I wasn’t getting any) and frustration (I was getting plenty). It was almost my two year anniversary with them and I still hadn’t been given any sort of pay raise, despite several meetings pleading my case and persons agreeing that yes, my duties had increased exponentially and yes, I was doing a good job on all counts. I was told repeatedly that we would “see” about getting me more money when certain things fell into place. Basically, I was getting the brush-off while people around me were getting paid way more than they were worth. How could someone who managed a department of 3 people (the department responsible for the product which would ultimately bring in the revenue) get paid less than the average administrative assistant while several others, some of whom were proven to be stealing from and conspiring against the company, got six figure salaries? How could one person make more than twice what MY ENTIRE DEPARTMENT made? How is it fair? How is it just? How is it not borderline indentured servitude? On top of that, there had been verbal abuse from other employees, the stripping of/denial of necessary resources for my department, and a general lack of gratitude for all my hard work for, I would like to again point out, a salary which is less than that of the average administrative assistant. And I was lucky to be getting that. Our paychecks bounced frequently with little done to rectify the situation. Little effort was made to understand what a difficult strain this put on me (and others) financially.

There are countless other reasons that I shan’t go into. But rest assured, things were very rotten in Denmark.

So I’ve decided to put an end to it all. I have emancipated myself. And it feels damned good. I’ve got some great things lined up on the career front and each one is infinitely more rewarding and much better compensating. Later, Denmark.


In the Company of Greatness

A couple of months ago, my department was hiring Quality Control Assistants. It’s a fancy title for one who watches our content from start to finish and tells me if there’s anything wrong with it. I couldn’t believe my luck when a gregarious fellow named Chas walked into my office. He was gregarious as hell, enthusiastic about the job and, more importantly, didn’t blink an eye when I told him the embarrassingly paltry sum he would receive in exchange for his services. It helped that when we got to talking, I learned that he was originally from the east coast and had not only heard of all the Richmond punk bands I grew up listening to, but was a fan of them as well. What a find!

What I didn’t know until later, was that Chas was also fast becoming a local celebrity. Every week he would invite me to the shows he put on at Re-Bar and every week, I would, sadly, have other plans. I finally made it to one event, a Homecoming-themed fundraiser for Barack Obama, and had a blast. But I still haven’t been able to make it to the real breadwinner event, Get Loweded. Well, this week, my dear Chas has been profiled in the Stranger. The article reveals still more fascinating details about this unique and precious snowflake and I feel very unfortunate, indeed, to have not been able to make it to prior Get Loweded events. I STILL can’t make it to the next one, but I’m definitely going to the one after that. By then, however, it will probably be the hottest ticket in town. At least I can say I knew Chas when. Even if it was only seconds before he exploded like a supernova.

ReelTime featured in New York Times Article

The company I work for was featured in a New York Times article this morning. So hopefully this will boost our subscriptions! That guy in front of the computer? That's my boss!

It's not every day you get to see your boss' picture in a major news publication. Unless you work for the government or are Britney Spears' vag waxer or something.

Pay for Play

So yesterday morning, my assistant and I interviewed the child stars of Bridge to Terabithia, Josh Hutcherson and AnnaSophia Robb. They were really sweet, kind of cool kids despite the fact that AnnaSophia has a bit of that tiny 40-year-old woman vibe.

In the afternoon, I returned to find a box of DVDs on my desk that needed to be uploaded. Titles like “Japanese Oil Wrestling”, “Topless Fight Club” and “Extreme Fights Vol. 1”. Then, when I took a look at “Punk Rock Girls”, and found that instead of being a softcore rip off of the Suicide Girls, it's actually just girls eating each other out for an hour, I had to talk to my boss to find out if I was still supposed to put the title up on the site. This is the kind of work day I could never have imagined back when I worked in finance, helping rich curmudgeons get richer. Some days, my job is sort of a dream come true. Even if it's a dream I didn't know I had.

The Hedgehog Pays My Billz

Today there was actually a moment when I had a Ron Jeremy title on both of my computers at the same time…at work. At another work place, that could get you fired. Here, it's what I get paid for. Weeeeeeeeird.

People love an excuse to talk like a pirate

The Livejournal interface is Pirate-themed today! Actually, everything is. I can't speak for the rest of the world, but Seattlites LOVE “International Talk Like a Pirate Day”.

Between primary voting, talking like a pirate and American Idol auditions, it's a big day in Seattle. Today is also the day I put in notice at work. Friday, the 28th will be my last day! The bosses expressed their happiness for me and there are no hard feelings about the slightly-less-than-two-weeks notice. I am VERY excited about my new job.

I am also excited about trivia at Clever Dunnes tonight! Scurvy Dogs beware.

is that better than

I have officially resigned myself to putting in my notice. July 5th is the day. I have yet to decide how MUCH notice I'm putting in. It will be between the standard, Sandra Bollock-approved two weeks and the karmically sound end of July. It really all depends on how much shit I have to put up with before the day of reckoning. If July 5th is anything like today, I will be wanting to get out of there as soon as humanly possible. What is it about crying in the middle of the day that gives you a hangover? Who needs a drink? I'll tell you. I do.

Congrats to Roxy for getting into that program (specifically WHAT program, I still don't know) that will allow her to train for two years in L.A. and eventually become a bonafied Production Manager. She has worked on every Gadzook project, pretty much since the beginning and Meep and I have been fortunate enough to have had her on Snow Day. She will be sorely missed for being both fun and extremely talented. And don't think we won't try and steal her back from L.A. when the program is over. If we can afford her, that is.

Who wants to play hooky with me sometime in the next three weeks? I have some vacation days that are burning a hole in my pocket!

it lives within's new samples.

I am supposed to be working on this stupid crap called cost basis. I won't bore you with a description of what that entails. I'll just say that it's math and it makes my head hurt. Since I have to ask The Lil'est Dictator for help with it, I'm putting it off till after lunch and updating my LJ now. Fuck you, cost basis.

Last night, Faye and I enjoyed a very special episode of the O.C. and an even MORE special bottle and a half of wine. I love Thursday nights.

Special guest star George Lucas's goiter was looking particularly lively as he delivered his lines like a robot. Chris Martin annoyed the crap out of us with him sad bastardly warbling as Marissa and Ryan danced in the moonlight, suspicion-free. Summer achieved her episode-long dream of becoming prom queen with her prom jester by her side as the funniest extras in television delivered their unappreciated “ad libs”. Shaun of the Dead officially became mainstream enough to be mentioned on a ridiculously popular hour-long drama. Sadly, there was no mention of another little movie that it supposedly inspired. Caleb's heart melted for the love of a mermaid and then stopped working seconds later, and the episode ended in a surprisingly moving way with Kirstin fucking off to be alone with her bottle of “pure” vodka.
***End Spoilers***

Well, after that, there was naught to do but write a screenplay for an “inspirational” short film called “Retard to Retard” wherein Faye plays not one but TWO “developmentally disabled” persons being brave and heartwarming in a world that was not made for them. We hope to shoot it soon. But first, Faye must prepare for her most traumatic role to date. Look for Faye on Inside the Actor's studio in the coming months, scratching her butt with her Oscar.

God, I miss Tru Calling.


I'm breaking up with job today at 12:30. Wish me luck. I spoke with the intern yesterday and she is definitely still uber-keen on having my job. So hopefully it will be as easy all as that.
I think the Boss knows that we're going to be having a serious chat because he suggested we do it over lunch.

My plan is to suggest that I train the Golden Child for the next two months until she is ready to be hired full time. Meanwhile, I will be saving whatever money I can and looking for new employment. And then, in June, I can cash in my remaining vacation days and get out of here. This is the best case scenario. Obviously, the worst case scenario is that my boss can tell me to leave now.

I will update later with some (hopefully) happy news of the first scenario.

work rant

I've only been back for a day and already work is getting to me.
Apparently the interns, not having yet learned the art of stealth internet surfing, totally got busted for checking their email too much. And since they were apparently using MY computer in my absence (even though I specifically asked my co-workers not to let them), the administration has now blocked several major websites on my computer including yahoo, hotmail and gmail. This fucks me off royally for many reasons.
1) This is the company's computer technically but it's MINE while I am using it. And if they haven't seen an abuse of internet from me, why should I be punished for the intern's behavior?
2) Not being able to use gmail significantly hinders my ability to work on movie stuff until I can forward all relevant emails, spreadsheets and contact into to my jb account.
3) Gmail was my favorite email program because of the user-friendly interface. My jb interface is very irritating and takes forever to load, it seems.
4) The whole thing feels a bit big-brotherish to me anyway

I'm really angry with the interns for being so bloody-minded. What the hell is wrong with them? You ALWAYS keep a spreadsheet or something open so you can click on that whenever someone walks by the computer.

So I am hoping that I can remedy this situation 1 of 2 ways. I am getting a new computer in the next month or so, so hopefully when they set up the system, that stuff won't be blocked again. Failing that, I will have to think of a gingerly way of speaking to Boss Man about the situation. I know that everyone else in this office uses their personal email from time to time. I've seen it. I suppose I can say something like “I've noticed over the past couple of days that a whole bunch of sites are blocked on my computer and things moved around. What happened? Were people using my computer?” and see where that goes.

Very fucking frustrating. I guess, in my absence, I'd forgotten how horrifically depressing it is here.

More London recapping later…