work rant

I've only been back for a day and already work is getting to me.
Apparently the interns, not having yet learned the art of stealth internet surfing, totally got busted for checking their email too much. And since they were apparently using MY computer in my absence (even though I specifically asked my co-workers not to let them), the administration has now blocked several major websites on my computer including yahoo, hotmail and gmail. This fucks me off royally for many reasons.
1) This is the company's computer technically but it's MINE while I am using it. And if they haven't seen an abuse of internet from me, why should I be punished for the intern's behavior?
2) Not being able to use gmail significantly hinders my ability to work on movie stuff until I can forward all relevant emails, spreadsheets and contact into to my jb account.
3) Gmail was my favorite email program because of the user-friendly interface. My jb interface is very irritating and takes forever to load, it seems.
4) The whole thing feels a bit big-brotherish to me anyway

I'm really angry with the interns for being so bloody-minded. What the hell is wrong with them? You ALWAYS keep a spreadsheet or something open so you can click on that whenever someone walks by the computer.

So I am hoping that I can remedy this situation 1 of 2 ways. I am getting a new computer in the next month or so, so hopefully when they set up the system, that stuff won't be blocked again. Failing that, I will have to think of a gingerly way of speaking to Boss Man about the situation. I know that everyone else in this office uses their personal email from time to time. I've seen it. I suppose I can say something like “I've noticed over the past couple of days that a whole bunch of sites are blocked on my computer and things moved around. What happened? Were people using my computer?” and see where that goes.

Very fucking frustrating. I guess, in my absence, I'd forgotten how horrifically depressing it is here.

More London recapping later…


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