Affordable zone spawn

This morning I got on the elevator with three other (two ladies and a man) people who seemed to work together but were getting off at different floors. The interaction was as follows:

Lady #2: Good morning!

Lady #1: Hi.

Lady #1 exits elevator

Lady #2:(calling after lady #1) Go get 'em!

Doors close.

Lady #2: (to man) She is on my deathwish list.

I found this interaction strange for several reasons. First of all, who says “Go get 'em” in earnest to a person as a way to start the work day? The answer is probably no one. Because she was being sarcastic and actually hates the woman. But it also made me think of how many people I have to pretend to like in a work (or social) situation and how many people might also be only pretending to like me.