coniferous dockside

Greetings from London. I should be super excited to be here, but right now, having been awake for nearly 24 hours and knowing that it will be a while longer before I can get to sleep is taking away all the excitement that international travel usually provides. I'm having trouble emoting in any way, in fact. Even when our hotel couldn't find our reservation and it looked as though we might have been spending the night riding the bus from one end to the other, I was a complete and total emotional zombie. There have been a few other trying occurrences in the last day (including a setback regarding the extremely retarded layout of the Logan airport in Boston) but I shant bore you with the details. I shall only say that we were witness to a freak, hour long snow storm (not unlike what happened in Seattle last month) and that Dom and I hope to be snug in our pre-paid yet non-existent hotel bed for a nap in a matter of hours. If that doesn't happen, my next post might make a lot less sense. And we don't want that, now do we children?