Notter with a Beard: Keanu Reeves Edition

You can debate his acting ability (seriously, it’s debatable) but you can’t deny the fact that Keanu Reeves is a handsome man. Most of the time. He’s aging well and doesn’t appear to be hitting the b-tox. But this beard is doing nothing for him.

If you have large patches of lower face which do not grow hair, you should probably not go for the full beard. Also, the neck shouldn’t have a beard. That’s called “neckbeard” and it’s not coo. Not coo at all.




    • Agreed.

    • Exactly! Its only ok to grow a beard if your facial hair is like Hart Bochner’s or Ron Livingston

  2. If he trimmed it up a little and got rid of the neckbeard, I’d totally be all over that.

    Wow, he has pretty colored eyes.

    I’m sorry, I am a sucker for Keanu Reeves.

  3. i totally thought ‘keanu is a neckbeard!’ when i saw it. then you mentioned it. nice.

  4. hmm he still rocks, beard does not mean anything really , we’re all different and should not be criticized ;)

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