why put off

Weekend recap tomorrow. Today I am very tired and a little depressed. I'm hoping the depression is mostly to do with being tired. I have a feeling it's a combo punch of the following:

#1 -Having spent the weekend doing what I want to do for a living and then coming back to this job. It's probably mostly this.
#2 -Having heard that a good friend of mine wants to move away, and feeling a little Fox and the Hound about it.
#3 -Missing Dom. Yes, I know we've only been apart for a day, but the empty apartment was kinda eerie last night and Marilyn didn't even meow at me once. If you know Marilyn, you know that is creepy.
#4 -Having to pack up the office for our move this weekend (yes, this WEEKEND. I have to spend my Saturday doing that.) and, as of yet, I've had nobody help me. See also #1.

Sorry about the whinging.


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