Obama/Prime ’08

Yes please.

Potential campaign slogan:
“A little bit of Energon and a lot of change”.

Please post further slogan suggestions in the comments.

Other good running mate suggestions found here via one of my new favorite Sloggers.


Multiple Choice Meme

It is from MarkTapioKines. Also, it is hard not to expound in italics.

1. What are you doing with your “economic stimulus” money?

[X] Putting it into savings (I’m spending PLENTY of money this year)
[ ] Paying off debt
[ ] Doing what I’m supposed to with it (i.e. buying stuff, investing, and/or giving it away to charity)
[ ] I’m not getting any economic stimulus money

2. How retro are your movie tastes?

[ ] I pretty much only see new or recent releases
[ ] I’ve seen very few movies made before my lifetime; most just don’t interest me
[X] I try to balance seeing classic, pre-1970 films with more recent fare
[ ] I reckon I’ve watched more pre-1950 movies than I have post-1990 flicks

3. How retro is your clothing style?

[ ] I only buy new clothes that usually reflect current fashions
[X] I only (mostly) buy new clothes, but I try to stick to classic, timeless looks
[ ] I buy a lot of second-hand clothes, which may be 5 weeks old or 50 years old – I don’t care
[ ] Almost all my wardrobe is vintage (25 years old or older)

4. How well do you keep up with contemporary pop/rock music?

[ ] I’ve got a pretty good idea of what the kids are listening to these days
[ ] I’m clueless about mainstream trends, but I’m up-to-date with new alternative/college music
[X] I’ve latched on to a handful of current performers, but my tastes run to music made before 2000
[ ] Music made before 2000? Hell, I’m not sure I could name 10 bands who debuted after 1990!

5. Speaking of pop/rock, which decade listed below do you think produced the best music?

[ ] The 1990s
[X] The 1980s
[ ] The 1970s
[ ] The 1960s

6. Which of the following big summer movies are you MOST likely to go to the theater to see (excluding Indy IV and Batman, which are too obvious)?

[ ] Wall-E
[ ] Hellboy II
[X] The Incredible Hulk (Despite my better judgment)
[ ] X-Files: I Want to Believe

7. What do you think about the Beatles?

[ ] I have a great deal of affection for them and their music
[ ] Wow, they sure churned out a lot of memorable tunes over the course of just 8 years
[X] I like a handful of their songs, but otherwise they’re not my cup of tea (Though these feelings are a recent development for me
[ ] If I never hear the Beatles again for the rest of my life, that would be fine

8. What do you think about U2?

[ ] They deserve their title as one of the greatest bands in rock history
[ ] I like their music all right, but I wouldn’t pay to see them in concert
[ ] I’ve only heard their hits on the radio, and I haven’t been that impressed
[X] I find them immensely tiresome

9. How was your dating life in high school?

[ ] Nonexistent
[X] I had a couple of “steadies” for a few months, but nothing major (make that ONE short “steady” and a small handful of dates late in the game)
[ ] I was in at least one serious (for high school) relationship for a year or more
[ ] Let’s just say that I “played the field”

10. Are you planning on buying a house?

[ ] No, I could be a renter for the rest of my life and be happy
[ ] I’d like to be a homeowner someday, but that “someday” could be 20 years from now
[ ] I’ll be ready to buy once I feel that housing prices won’t get any lower
[X] I already own a house (Well, -I- don’t own it but I live in a house that is owned and I help with the mortgage)

11. What do you think your own life will be like when you’re 70?

[ ] I see myself living a pretty happy, comfortable retirement
[X] I’d like to still be working for a living – hopefully doing what I love (but only extremely part time. Also, I suspect I will HAVE to work)
[ ] I suspect that both my health and my financial situation will be in shambles by then
[ ] I honestly don’t see myself (and possibly even the whole world) living to see that day come