Multiple Choice Meme

It is from MarkTapioKines. Also, it is hard not to expound in italics.

1. What are you doing with your “economic stimulus” money?

[X] Putting it into savings (I’m spending PLENTY of money this year)
[ ] Paying off debt
[ ] Doing what I’m supposed to with it (i.e. buying stuff, investing, and/or giving it away to charity)
[ ] I’m not getting any economic stimulus money

2. How retro are your movie tastes?

[ ] I pretty much only see new or recent releases
[ ] I’ve seen very few movies made before my lifetime; most just don’t interest me
[X] I try to balance seeing classic, pre-1970 films with more recent fare
[ ] I reckon I’ve watched more pre-1950 movies than I have post-1990 flicks

3. How retro is your clothing style?

[ ] I only buy new clothes that usually reflect current fashions
[X] I only (mostly) buy new clothes, but I try to stick to classic, timeless looks
[ ] I buy a lot of second-hand clothes, which may be 5 weeks old or 50 years old – I don’t care
[ ] Almost all my wardrobe is vintage (25 years old or older)

4. How well do you keep up with contemporary pop/rock music?

[ ] I’ve got a pretty good idea of what the kids are listening to these days
[ ] I’m clueless about mainstream trends, but I’m up-to-date with new alternative/college music
[X] I’ve latched on to a handful of current performers, but my tastes run to music made before 2000
[ ] Music made before 2000? Hell, I’m not sure I could name 10 bands who debuted after 1990!

5. Speaking of pop/rock, which decade listed below do you think produced the best music?

[ ] The 1990s
[X] The 1980s
[ ] The 1970s
[ ] The 1960s

6. Which of the following big summer movies are you MOST likely to go to the theater to see (excluding Indy IV and Batman, which are too obvious)?

[ ] Wall-E
[ ] Hellboy II
[X] The Incredible Hulk (Despite my better judgment)
[ ] X-Files: I Want to Believe

7. What do you think about the Beatles?

[ ] I have a great deal of affection for them and their music
[ ] Wow, they sure churned out a lot of memorable tunes over the course of just 8 years
[X] I like a handful of their songs, but otherwise they’re not my cup of tea (Though these feelings are a recent development for me
[ ] If I never hear the Beatles again for the rest of my life, that would be fine

8. What do you think about U2?

[ ] They deserve their title as one of the greatest bands in rock history
[ ] I like their music all right, but I wouldn’t pay to see them in concert
[ ] I’ve only heard their hits on the radio, and I haven’t been that impressed
[X] I find them immensely tiresome

9. How was your dating life in high school?

[ ] Nonexistent
[X] I had a couple of “steadies” for a few months, but nothing major (make that ONE short “steady” and a small handful of dates late in the game)
[ ] I was in at least one serious (for high school) relationship for a year or more
[ ] Let’s just say that I “played the field”

10. Are you planning on buying a house?

[ ] No, I could be a renter for the rest of my life and be happy
[ ] I’d like to be a homeowner someday, but that “someday” could be 20 years from now
[ ] I’ll be ready to buy once I feel that housing prices won’t get any lower
[X] I already own a house (Well, -I- don’t own it but I live in a house that is owned and I help with the mortgage)

11. What do you think your own life will be like when you’re 70?

[ ] I see myself living a pretty happy, comfortable retirement
[X] I’d like to still be working for a living – hopefully doing what I love (but only extremely part time. Also, I suspect I will HAVE to work)
[ ] I suspect that both my health and my financial situation will be in shambles by then
[ ] I honestly don’t see myself (and possibly even the whole world) living to see that day come

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