NFT Radar: Pop Tots

Everybody knows that kids can be cruel to one another, particularly when it comes to dress. A wise Prince once sung about the dangers of letting your parents choose your clothes, risking ridicule by your peers. If you don’t want to be counted among the parents who “just don’t understand,” make sure your offspring is fashionable from day one. Your youngster can be the hippest baby around, sporting a Johnny Cash or Radiohead onesie. Dress your little girl in a leopard print coat over a rockabilly style dress. Don your little boy in a racing stripe jacket and Beastie Boys T. And don’t even get me started on shoes. How I wish I could have pink kitty heads on MY Mary Janes. Sizes run up to six so your little juniors will get a great head start in the cool department. After that, they’re on their own.

6405 Roosevelt Way NE 98115

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