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Today I discovered that the Tangent Productions site is also blocked from my work computer. That is LOW, man. It's also creepy because I haven't actually BEEN to that site from my work computer in a while. I have two theories.
1) They found it from my LJ which means that they actually WERE reading my journal and it's a good job I'm locking them.
2) They googled me.
I'm not sure which theory creeps me out more. I realise I sound a bit paranoid but this website blocking business has got me all bugaboo!

Luckily, my genius friend Mark showed me a neat trick for bypassing the block. I tried it and low and behold it WORKED! So my LJ days may not be over just yet. For now, though, I'm going to lay low because obviously I am under scrutiny. I can't take any chances. The Red Squad will never take me alive! The cheese stands alone!

Whoa. What? Where am I?

In other, less paranoid news, I was going through intern resumes today and found two very hilarious sentences on two separate cover letters.

First, “During my employment as a lifeguard, I enjoyed the responsibility that I had over people's lives.” This was from some frat boy who apparently likes to play god.

And more disturbingly, “I hope that we can meet soon so that we can go over my qualifications and discuss my exceptional potency.”

That one made me laugh so loud that others in the office came to see what was going on. They found hilarious and tried to convince me to bring him in for an interview as a joke. Apparently, he is Russian so it's possible that because of the language barrier, he doesn't realise that he sounds like he wants to impregnate someone. Or worse…or better?


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