the human head weigth 8 poundthhhhhhhh!

Dear God! This brings a little sunshine to my day. Jonathan Lipnicki (Woops. I mean “Jonny”) is a super stud!

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Also, check it out! It's Sledgehammer and that guy from Happy Gilmore! That's a film event not to be missed!

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enhance your anatomy

Everything is so fucked up right now. I'm so glad it's Friday. I need beer now. And maybe a good cry later. I won't go into it…now.

I will say that last night Dom helped me revamp my website (not Tangent…the stupid personal one I was forced to make at the Art Institute). I decided that I no longer needed a website for “editing” because I will never get a job as an editor (I'm already outclassed by all those slick kids with after effects skills). But since I like my jbax email (easy to remember), I'm keeping the site. It's now about me and how dumb I am. Yay.

Beer. Beer. Beer.