Please confirm everything

SERIOUSLY, San Diego Comic Con. FINALIZE YOUR GODDAMNED FILM SCHEDULE ALREADY. If “Snow Day” DOES get in, at this point, it will cost us almost $400 to fly down there. And we can't NOT go if we get in. So if we're in, PLEASE tell us soon so that we don't break our banks on a weekend trip. Thanks.


is that better than

I have officially resigned myself to putting in my notice. July 5th is the day. I have yet to decide how MUCH notice I'm putting in. It will be between the standard, Sandra Bollock-approved two weeks and the karmically sound end of July. It really all depends on how much shit I have to put up with before the day of reckoning. If July 5th is anything like today, I will be wanting to get out of there as soon as humanly possible. What is it about crying in the middle of the day that gives you a hangover? Who needs a drink? I'll tell you. I do.

Congrats to Roxy for getting into that program (specifically WHAT program, I still don't know) that will allow her to train for two years in L.A. and eventually become a bonafied Production Manager. She has worked on every Gadzook project, pretty much since the beginning and Meep and I have been fortunate enough to have had her on Snow Day. She will be sorely missed for being both fun and extremely talented. And don't think we won't try and steal her back from L.A. when the program is over. If we can afford her, that is.

Who wants to play hooky with me sometime in the next three weeks? I have some vacation days that are burning a hole in my pocket!