This argument in no

I don’t believe it! It’s moments like this that keep me an agnostic because it really feels like there’s some unseen force that is really enjoying fucking with me. This morning, my boss called me into his office for a “brief chat”. He prefaced the conversation by saying that I was doing a great job and that he was really pleased with all the hard work I was doing. Since he’d mentioned before that he was going to try and get me into some profit sharing, I assumed this was where he was headed. But then he said that he wanted to get me a raise. A VERY SIGNIFICANT raise. In ADDITION to profit sharing AND a larger quarterly bonus. He said he couldn’t guarantee anything but that when the PTB came up next month, (4 days after I had scheduled to put in my notice) he would make a case to get me this raise. This VERY BIG raise. It’s 33% of my current salary. If I were to get such a raise and continue to spend at my current level, I would be able to put over $1000 a month into savings. I know, I know, money isn’t happiness and I’m certainly not happy here. But if I did get this raise and stuck it out for a little while, it would make it easier to quit for less money when we start shooting Plight. It would also allow me more opportunity to travel around the country promoting “Snow Day”. I’m still not sure though. I really do hate it here. But would I hate it less if I was being handsomely compensated for it? I don’t know. Comments? Opinions? Help!

If I DON’T get offered a raise, I am definitely still out of here, though. Of that I am certain.