Keeping iit Like a Rock


I know the weekend isn't over yet but a)I have a feeling I will be too bushed to update after yoga today and b)I have many things to gush about and I feel like gushing! Soooooooo…


After an emotionally harried work day, I was ready to do some drinking. Though, when am I not, these days? That sounds pathetic, but really, I think that once I take care of my work situation, I will be in a much better head space. Earlier that day, I found out Roxy got into the A.D. program (or is it P.M.?) down in L.A. and will be leaving us. She was celebrating at Linda's so we headed over there for dinner and drinks. There were a LOT of people who came and went. I think there is a large chunk of Seattle that is going to sorely miss the Brunswicks. Meep and I used to hang out at Linda's all the time, despite the unoriginal selection on the juke box (Strokes and White Stripes over and over and over again) and the horrible wait staff. But we tired of it (go figure) and hadn't been back in a while. Very little has changed. It's still packed to the brim with hipsters (Meep and I actually invented “Hipster Bingo” back in the day because of Linda's), the juke box was playing The Strokes, and our waitress forgot about every other thing we ordered. She accidentally brought Dom and rum and coke instead of just a coke and he took a sip! So Dom had his first taste of alcohol (and hated it). He's a man now. Around 11:00 we were sick of Linda's but still keen to hang out so the Trio, krk and Borgia went to Bill's. I love that place! Our waitress looked like an older, dark haired Lily Taylor (I thought) and was enjoying herself. They ALWAYS play great music on the juke box (Ive never seen the selection because the music is always so good that I've never been compelled to go and play something) and their food is delicious. Best of all, they have Blackthorns on tap! Since we were the “Retard to Retard” crew, we finalized our game plan for the next day. krk told some more great stories about his metal days and we talked about Anthrax (which was one of my favorite bands in high school. That's right. In 8th, 9th and 10th grade, I was a little metal kid).
As per usual, I checked my email right before bed and lo and behold, I had one from the San Diego Comic Con. My heart stopped as I clicked to open the email. The first words “Congratulations! Your film has been scheduled for the Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival!” HOT FUCKING DIGGITY DOG! I had just been telling Meep earlier that I'd resigned myself to the fact that we weren't getting in and that I was ok with that. But we ARE in and let me tell you, I am MUCH MORE ok with THAT! It was kinda hard to go to bed after that.


Woke up around 10 and immediately started looking for tickets and hotels. ALL of the hotels within walking distance to the con were (not surprisingly) sold out. I am kinda pissed that they waited so long to tell us. They are very generous though. We get FIVE free passes (plus guest) for a short film! We also get our own slot (instead of having it lumped it with a bunch of other shorts) and we get to introduce the film and have a mini Q and A after. There is MUCH to do. We need to get our postcards together, press some more DVD's and Meep and I need new outfits!
Anyway, we didn't have a lot of time to mull things over because we had a stupid movie to make! We met at Dom's sister's house in West Seattle around noon. We got a late start because we were playing with their dogs. They have a HUGE dog named Shackelton who always has these stuffed toys he carries around. They have noise makers inside them. He likes to just chew the hell out of these toys and tear out their stuffing (in the most loving way possible, of course) but because they have noise makers, while he's chewing, they are making noise and the noises get more and more horrifying as he chews. It's funny and sick at the same time. We dove into shooting around 12:30 and were OUT OF THERE by 1:30. That's how retarded it is. But we were laughing the whole time so I think we really have a winner on our hands.
We parted ways so that The Trio could go make some travel arrangements. Jacob is going to meet us down there, but The Trio plus 1BenDur are going to fly down together. Anyone else want to meet us down there? It's going to be a BLAST and we have guest passes! we'll even sneak you into our Ramada hotel rooms (which we are cramming into because all the affordable hotels were booked. It will be like summer camp!).
Once we got the travel stuff out of the way, we headed down to the noc noc (which I love, despite the goth decor and the dodgy patrons…Wait. Who am I kidding? I LOVE dodgy patrons!). They have $1 PBR's and High Life's and cheap food (including tater tots! The perfect bar snack!). We downed as many beers as humanly possible in an hour and a half and then went to Pacific Place to see Batman Begins.

Batman Begins is awesome.

Christian Bale was pitch perfect. Absolutely. Michael Kane was a fantastic kind, gentle and sassy Cockney Alfred (his performance was exactly how I'd always read Alfred…without the Cockney bit). Cillian Murphy was creepy and hot. Liam Neeson was amazingly unirritating. Morgan Freeman was super cool and delivered the sweet burns. GARY OLDMAN IS ALWAYS FLAWLESS. He really is the greatest working actor. It was so great to see him not be evil. And Ahe pointed out that somehow he made that mustache sexy. Amazing. Katie Holmes still sucked but she didn't ruin the movie. (Although Meep and I couldn't help but laugh out loud when she said “I'm a Gotham city District Attorney. Let me pass!”. Is she supposed to be the same age as Bruce Wayne? Because there's no way she can pass for 30). There were some flaws to the movie, it's true. But the cast was so good that you really had to look for them. And Christian Bale sold EVERY WORD he uttered. He was THAT good. Even when he was channeling Patrick Bateman. Which is still a perfect choice because Bruce Wayne IS a borderline psychotic. He just doesn't have the business cards or the affinity for Whitney Houston.

After the movie we had the HARDEST time finding a bar to go to. All of our usual late-night, guaranteed a table establishments were packed to the hilt. We finally ended the Crocodile which would have been fine had there not been a monotonous emo show going on in the next room. Ahe recognized all of Death Cab for Cutie in attendance. (I have seen pictures of them, but am so bored by them that I can't be bothered to remember what they look like). We had a few more beers and gushed about the movie, among other things and then walked home around 1:30.


It is still Sunday morning. My plans for the day include calling my father, yoga, dishes, possibly buying some milk and watching The Crow. Glamorous.