operationaly Acetaminophen-Mag Salicylatel

I'm sure this work drama is getting boring so I will change the subject. Dom's laser disc player arrived today so that means that sometime in the future, we will have a party (or three) to celebrate the fact that we can watch Star Wars as god intended.

Also, there are MANY highly anticipated (by geeks, anyway) movies being released soon including Batman Begins (tomorrow), Land of the Dead (the 18th) and The Devil's Rejects (the 22nd). If time permits after R2R this weekend, does anyone wanna see Batman Begins at Pacific Place? And who's on for seeing the other two on their respective opening nights?


Deeeeeeal of the week

So I was not blacked out of email at work today. But I am DEFINITELY still under close scrutiny. And whatever the little spy did to keep me in line was backfiring like crazy today. The internet just kept going out and I'd have to email him to get it back on line so it was making it hard for me to do my real job! When I asked him why it was doing that, he said “well, did you just dump your temporary internet files? Cos that would reset the security that I've put on there”. Of course, that's what I do every day before I leave the office (to no avail, apparently) but I hadn't done it yet so I could honestly say “Nope. That's not the problem”. Still, after that I was so paranoid about what he had done to my computer that I waited until he left at 2:30 to try and log into my email. I was still able to get in but I know for DAMNED sure now that it may not last long. So I will probably be fairly incommunicato, only checking my email once or twice and after 2:30 for a while. At least I can still look for another job while I'm there. So far I've only gotten one call back and it turns out that the company was in Shoreline, even though their ad said Seattle. So I had to say no to that one. I am NOT busing to Shoreline every day. I have applied to quite a few jobs at this point so SOMEBODY has to be calling me back, right? Damnit, I'm a fucking PRIZE! Get me out of here!