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This weekend I saw THREE really bad movies. There are SO MANY bad movies out there and more getting made all the time. While it's a lot of fun to watch movies like Cherry Falls and make fun of them, it also makes me wonder why it's so hard for us to get our movie made. Or maybe it wouldn't be if we just sent our script off to Hollywood and relinquished all creative control. I don't know. Regardless, there are a lot of good laughs in Cherry Falls. Not so many in Below which was incredibly painful and discombobulated. As for Ju-On, while small children with big eyes will always be frightening on some level, a movie with that many disconnected characters and plot holes cannot be scary because you're too busy trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

In non-movie news, I had a GREAT yoga class yesterday. My balance was much improved and I felt much stronger. Of course, I'm a lot more sore than usual today, but, as always, it's a good kind of sore, because it means I really accomplished something. Pat pat pat on the back.

It's Monday. That's not so nice.


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