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Things are good. It's Thursday which means there is only one more work day this week. Meep and I made good connections this week. We are making progress on our zombie things. We are editing Meep’s short tonight (and hopefully getting done with it soon. I think it's gonna be really good!) and tomorrow night we are having a company meeting (Tangent Productions!) over beer (which is the best way to HAVE a company meeting). So basically, a good week for film is a good week for me. And it's been a good week for film. It's still hard to get over my increasing dislike of my day job. Especially when it's busy here. But if, in a few years, trailers for Plight are bombarding your televisions, Meep and I are on an international promotional tour, and we are featured in Fangoria and on Best Week Ever, it will all be worth it.
Speaking of Tangent Productions, Meep worked like crazy last night and we now have some semblance of a website up! And after this weekend, it will be content rich, as well. Check it out, yo!


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