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This weekend I saw THREE really bad movies. There are SO MANY bad movies out there and more getting made all the time. While it's a lot of fun to watch movies like Cherry Falls and make fun of them, it also makes me wonder why it's so hard for us to get our movie made. Or maybe it wouldn't be if we just sent our script off to Hollywood and relinquished all creative control. I don't know. Regardless, there are a lot of good laughs in Cherry Falls. Not so many in Below which was incredibly painful and discombobulated. As for Ju-On, while small children with big eyes will always be frightening on some level, a movie with that many disconnected characters and plot holes cannot be scary because you're too busy trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

In non-movie news, I had a GREAT yoga class yesterday. My balance was much improved and I felt much stronger. Of course, I'm a lot more sore than usual today, but, as always, it's a good kind of sore, because it means I really accomplished something. Pat pat pat on the back.

It's Monday. That's not so nice.

Smoke My Grudge, Beyotch!

So tonight a few of us (so far DZ, Meep and Sherwood) are going to see Ju-on which looks pretty rad. Scary Japanese movies about ghosties are cool. After that (or before, or both) we are going to the Blue Moon tavern in the U district to hang out with beatniks and drink in a place Tom Robbins once described as “a frenzy of distorted joy spinning just outside the reach of bourgeois horrors”. Sounds aight to me. If anyone else feels like joining up, let me know! The movie is at 9:35 at the Varsity.

Also: IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!

Oh Fortuna!

Sweet mother of pearl! There is an Orange Julius/DQ at Westlake Center now!

wmoen will folck to yuo!!

My work day goes by a lot slower when I'm actually doing work.

hi there friend-feel the vitality!

Today I realised that I have been working here for 10 months and I haven't had any holiday that wasn't federally sanctioned. I know that probably doesn't sound like a big deal to anyone, but I think that's actually the longest I've ever worked in any one place without a holiday. I'm not very good at keeping jobs for very long as it is. Before this, the longest I had a job was at the University of Puget Sound Cafeteria. I worked there for two years, but obviously, I got a month off for x-mas, and a week off for spring. Plus, that was part time, so it really wasn't that bad. After that, I temped which would usually afford me a week or two off in between jobs. I also had a stint as a house cleaner but that was so awful that I quit before long. My first permanent job, I got sacked from after 3 months. So long story long, I'm pretty spoiled and not at all used to this “perm” thing. And I think my brain and my body are aversed to it as well because for the last week I have been feeling so sluggish and brain dead and the only reason I can figure is just general weariness. I sent my resume to a couple of freelance editing jobs today. I don't know what those would entail but I felt like I had to do SOMETHING in the way of getting out of here.
Blah blah blah moan moan moan.
So anyway, tonight I'm going to force myself to go to yoga and see if that does anything. It didn't help my energy on Monday but it make me sore which is a good thing?

I had looked into at Woking. The earth all round it had splashed under that

This is one of those weeks when my job is unbearable. It's not even that anything terrible is happening, per se. It's just the mundaneness (mundanaity?) that is getting to me. And I can feel my spirit draining from my pores, down my leg and into the carpet, leaving a vague feeling of emptiness. It makes me want to do whatever is necessary to get Plight made and get out of here. But it's hard to do that. It's hard to get beyond the feeling of soul drainage. I started letters to several of mine and Meep’s influences today and forwarded some of the more complete ones on to Meep to be sweetened. We will do what we did with Simon and Edgar and send them treatments along with these letters. It's all a huge long shot and obviously, there's a good chance we will be absolutely on our own with making this film. But we HAVE to make it anyway, because my life depends on it. I think Meep feels that way too (if not more so, because in the battle of “who's job is more soul-sucking, Meep always wins). So today my emotions embody a strange combination of complacency and motivation. Desperation and stoicism. Fear and acceptance. Whatever it is, I am THIS close to taking a week off to just work on getting people interested in Plight. Unless I can figure out a way to do it all from here…Or maybe I just REALLY need a fucking week off.

policy of truth

I hate people being mad at me. I really do. And I hate looking/feeling like an asshole. Therefore, I shall no longer talk about movies that I dislike/find fault with unless I know we all agree. (So I can still talk shit about Baz Lurhman, right?) This is for the same reason I do not talk about politics with my Republican boss (who is very nice).