NFT Radar: Wayward Cafe

X-Posted from Not For Tourists.

The Wayward Cafe is an odd name for a vegan cafe with clear procedures about operations. You walk in and claim one of the few available seats. You grab a menu and choose from a steady list of vegan staples like tempeh sandwiches and tofu scramble. You order at the counter and pay cash. Then you sit and wait for your food. And wait. And wait. Hey, competent vegan cooking takes time! While you wait, you read the vegan literature or take in the colorful outfits of the other patrons. When your food finally arrives, you are astonished at how large the portions are, considering what you paid. You are pleasantly surprised at just how delicious a plate of food containing no cheese, eggs or butter can be, even if you are staunch carnivore. If you aren't accustomed to the heaviness of the vegan diet, you MAY need a to-go box which you can purchase for $1 (which goes to help the little piggies you aren't eating). You will bus your own table and probably want to grab a Mighty-O-Donut from the case for later. This is how things always are at the Wayward Cafe: regimented and explicit, but never boring. Not the atmosphere, nor the food.

901 NE 55th St 98105


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