NFT Radar: Shadowland

Heavy. That’s how I felt after dining at Shadowland. Sure, I enjoyed every morsel of calorie-laden gourmet bar food that I put into my mouth from cauliflower cream soup to poutine (Canadian-turned hipster fave involving fries, gravy and cheese curds). But afterward, I had regrets. To be fair (to myself), we ordered exclusively off the “small plate” menu. When our food started to arrive, we soon realized that their idea of “small” is actually quite heavily portioned and we had a lot more coming, none of it vegetables. If you take steps to avoid the carb coma, you can have quite a nice time at Shadowland in their high-backed, low-lit private booths. Or you can join the chatty bar flies along the bar. They have a happy hour food menu which includes the edition of Scotch Eggs (fried, sausagey goodness). There’s also a nice selection of desserts which is rare for a Seattle bar. Lacking are drink specials but you’d be wise to stick to 2-ingredient cocktails or beer anyway. The specialty drink list is overpriced and underwhelming. Whatever you decide on, get one thing at a time lest you have to be rolled home.

4458 California Ave SW 98116

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