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Recap of last night!!!

Meep and I were both pretty nervous and trying to abide by the “whatever happens, happens” philosophy. But we had done so much work so we knew we HAD to get our letter/treatment into the hands of Wright and Pegg. They came out at the beginning of the movie and introduced it and I thought “Oh no! Are they leaving right after this?” but they said they would be back at the end for the Q & A so I relaxed and sat back to enjoy the movie. And enjoy I did! It is so rare that a film I've been hyping up so long in my head meets all of my expectations, let alone EXCEEDS them. This one did. It was hilarious and sad and poignient and gory. All the things a zombie movie SHOULD be (or any movie for that matter). Afterwards, they had a short Q & A wherein people asked the usual questions (including one stupid question from Fan Boy, my new nemesis. More on that later) and then they were finished and I knew is was showtime. They were heading for the exit! I leaped over Dom and accosted Simon with our envelope. He turned it over in his hands and said “Oh, wow. What's this?” “It's for you and Edgar!” I said. “It's from me and that girl over there”. I pointed to Meep making her way over towards us. “Edgar, we got a present”, said Simon. That was when Meep (thankfully) stepped in and explained that we have been writing a zombie comedy for that last two years and that we're big fans of Spaced and wanted them to read our treatment. “So that's sort of a fan letter, slash, treatment”. I redundantly explained. Simon began to open it. “You don't have to read it now” I said. “Oh, would that embarass you?” he asked. “Yeah. Plus it's kind of long” I said. (I think. I can't really remember exactly what was said. I was pretty damned nervous). Meanwhile, other people are handing him DVD's to sign which he's doing but talking to us! Anyway, eventually, I asked for a picture and Dom whipped out the camera and we got in line. Poor Edgar, who we hadn't really been talking to, simply because Simon was the one who reached me first, stepped out of the way of the camera! “We want you in it as well!” I said. And he got back in. Poor Edgar! I bet everywhere they go people ask to speak to Simon and ignore him. The tragedy of life behind the camera! But anyway, we got the picture which can be seen “HERE!”

Then we said thank you and left. It was very exciting! I don't think we made TOTAL asses of ourselves and we did what we had set out to do! They didn't ask us out for drinks, sadly. (But Meep thinks that if WE'D asked, or if we'd accosted them at the end instead of the beginning, it might have happened). But still, even if they never email us or hate our treatment or whatever, we had a mission and the mission is accomplished. I'm quite proud of us!

And now for the tail of Fan Boy: Fan Boy is a sad wanker who works at the Metro theatre. I would bet money that he still lives with his parents. I got to the theatre at 4:30 and was most certainly the first person in line for the movie. While I waited there, I had to listen to Fan Boy talk loudly about all the cool insider information he has about movies. And then more people started to show up for the movie and his true evil nature showed through. Some poor guy who has better things to do that read Aint It Cool News every day came up and said “I'm here for the screening. Is this the line?” “What screening?” Said Fan Boy snidely. “Something of the Dead? I can't remember the name. It's some guy's name and then Of The Dead”. “Well, if you could remember the whole title, perhaps then I could tell you if we are showing it tonight,” said Fan Boy in a tone not unlike that of Comic Book Guy on The Simpsons. That was enough for me. I looked up from my book and said “Yes, this is the line for Shaun of the Dead”. After that, whenever someone came up and asked if that was the line he would try and make them answer a “Trivia” question before they could stand in line. I could tell that somehow this kid had managed to go his whole life without a severe beating and it was about time for him to receive one.
I knew he was truly my nemesis when his dumb friends showed up and started hanging around where he was at his podium at the front of the line. Nearer to show time, I heard what I suspected was coming. His friends asked “so do we have to go get in that line?” “As far as I'm concerned, you guys are in the front of the line” said Fan Boy. “I mean, if you think about it, I've been waiting here all day”. No, you asshole! You've been at WORK all day. As have I. “Actually, if you think about it, I've been waiting for this movie since last Tuesday,” he declared finally. He then repeated these declarations in the SAME wording to drive his “point” home. Fan Boy, you are on my list. One day you will be standing next to Baz Lurhman and you won't know why until it's too late.

Regardless, not even Fan Boy could spoil a lovely evening. Meep and I rewarded our achievement with beer and toasted “to dreams”. I'm beginning to think that Ron Jeremy is our fairy godfather!


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