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I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that last night I watched all two hours of the premiere of UPN's “Amish in the City”. Here's how I imagine the pitch meeting for that show went down:

Fresh Young Idealistic Kid “I have an idea for a show. The Amish have that thing where when they're 19 or so, they get to go out into the world and experience sin and then decide if they want to come back and be confirmed as Amish. I think it's called Rump-springer. Anyway, we follow around a few of these kids to see how they react to the rest of the world and whether or not they decide to remain Amish”.

Jaded Exec #1 “That's a great idea! But we should make them all live in a house together; Real World style”.

Jaded Exec #2 “Yeah. And they shouldn't just go to any city. They should go to the most depraved, debaucherous city in the country!”

Jaded Exec #3 “Naw…Vegas has been done. Let's bring them to L.A. That's depraved enough. Then we don't have to hire a remote crew.”

Jaded Exec #2 “Perfect. And also, we need a foil. How about we get 6 NON-Amish kids to live with them.”

Jaded Exec #1 “Yes! But they have to be the most self-centered, shallow, spoiled kids we can find.”

Jaded Exec #3 “Of course. But one has to be black and one has to be gay.”

Jaded Exec #2 “Can they be the same kid?”

Jaded Exec #3 “No.”

Jaded Exec #1 “This is great! The spoiled “normal” kids will be so freaked out by the Amish and hopefully they'll corrupt the hell out of them! This is gold!”

Fresh Young Idealistic Kid “Um…this isn't quite what I had in mind. I kind of wanted to focus on something we haven't seen before by showing these peaceful people having to explore their faith and seeing their reactions to a capitalist culture so very diff…”

Jaded Execs “SHUT UP! It's our show now!”

Needless to say, I must watch every episode of this show.


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