Meme-ories Pt. 3: Suck My Meme!

=====Freshman in College=====
I was still gun shy around people because of high school. So I assumed that everyone would hate me automatically. Therefore, I walked around with a scowl on my face as a “don't fuck with me” defense mechanism, even though I was actually very nice. Therefore, Faye, who lived right down the hall from me in my dorm, was afraid of me. She was further freaked out by the fact that my dysfunctional boyfriend at the time liked to pick fights and yell at me in the hallway in the middle of night. I think a lot of other people were too. A good memory of freshman year would be meeting my friend Kristie at “Passages” and us being anti-social and wandering around talking and makeing fun of other people. Amazing how college is so like high school in a lot of ways.

=====Sophomore in College=====
Hanging out every day and night at “The Halfway House”, where 4 of my friends lived together on campus. Getting high and drinking and crashing and just feeling generally like a part of something. I also met my first long-term boyfriend there and that courtship was pretty fun.

=====Junior in College=====
Living with Kristie in “The Hovel” which was an on-campus “house” converted from a storage shed. They tore it down at the end of the year. Kristie and I would bake brunch every Sunday and invite people over. Skipping class to hang out with Frank. Funny how none of my memories involve academics.

=====Senior in College=====
Once again becoming a part of a group in “Posse House”. Becoming friends with Faye (through a mutual dysfunctional friend), meeting Jacob and various other people, hanging out every day at Posse House. Barry Bauska's classes. Having my first panic attack over graduating (which didn't stop after graduation). Walking around all of Tacoma after graduation with Faye looking at all the places we'd lived whilst there, too many memories to write down. Happy and sad. Someday college will be the same as elemenary school is for me in the sense that I will be able to boil it all down to one or two defining moments. But for now, I think it's all too fresh to do that. Somehow it still bleeds into my every day life. Probably has a lot to do with the fact that I still hang out with college friends.

Other people can add new categories if they want. Like post graduate etc. But I think I'm done for now because this meme is making me sad.


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