lunatic gonads over 893

It's been a really great weekend. We had another successful Showgirls party on Friday. The special features ended up being pretty crap. The “film diary” was only 4 days and you couldn't really tell what was going on anyway. Also, the David Schmader commentary was much better live because he could pause the DVD. So he'd just get frustrated and stop talking and then every once in a while you'd just here him laugh or make a sound effect. It was like just having another guy in the room. Which is still kinda cool. And the “Lap Dance Tutorial” was no more informative than a “trailer” at the beginning of a porno. But no matter. The movie is so fantastic that it doesn't need bells and whistles. Hooray for Showgirls!

Last night I saw Anchorman with Faye, Elyse and Gene. Faye and I are really glad we waited so long to see it. It was DEFINITELY not as funny as the previews. However, when it was unfunny, it was still better than the funniest parts of most bad comedies. The unfunny jokes were just kinda weird instead. And weird is something you can respect. The best part about seeing Anchorman, though, was seeing the Seed of Chucky stand-up poster in the lobby. It's cool because where the “Seed's” head is, is a hole so you can stick your head through it and become the seed! Luckily, I had Dom's camera on me, so we all became the Seed of Chucky! What a brilliant promo device! Too bad the movie is probably going to be crap. I'm gonna get Dom to put the pics on OPhoto for you to see but for now you'll just have to use your imagination.

So it's been a pretty great weekend so far, despite my fucked up ailments still persisting. It hurts to swallow, for one thing. And I don't think I have to tell you what kind of problems that would cause (ba-dum, ching!).

Today, at some point, I'm going to do “something active” with Elyse. I haven't decided what yet. It's between swimming (indoor or outdoor) or my first yoga class. I definitely want to try yoga because I really need to start doing something to alleviate the stress in my life. I'm pretty sure that the reason I'm sick all the time is because I let stress get to me. So I'm leaning towards yoga even though swimming sounds like more fun. We shall see though. And now…caffeine!