I've also been told that my interest in straight guys making out is a little freaky too. Though I fail to see how this could be since men are all about straight WOMEN making out. Regardless, I find that scene in Baseketball where Trey Parker and Matt Stone share a passionate make-up kiss to be hotter than most gay (or straight) porn I have ever seen. And now I have made myself all worked up at work. Perhaps that is what I was subconsiously trying to avoid with my first lame entry.


Apologies and Retractions

Elyse gave me a proper metaphorical ass kicking by pointing out that my previous answer to the “unusual turn-on's thing” was L.A.M.E. So I posted this comment and then decided I should add it to the front too. So that people know how sorry I am for pretending NOT to be the big freak that I am.

-I apparently also love poor guys. The only rich guy I ever dated was a HUGE jerk and he STILL made me pay for everything cos he'd already spent all his allowence on weed. So that's probably why everyone since then has been equally as, if not poorer than myself. I seem to have carried this fetish over into who I select for my friends as well. Damn. No sports cars for MY birthday.
-I love guys who wear old spice deoderant. Yummy.
-I apparently had a proclivity to date men with receding hairlines. Probably 90% of past boyfriends had one, including one guy who was just straight up prematurely BALD.
-Glasses are also very very sexy. I seem to be copying your answers. Sorry! I didn't study for this quiz!
-Men who wear makeup, particularly eyeliner, are VERY VERY sexy. Unfortunately, like most things, there are some people go overboard and make this NOT sexy. Here are some examples.
But every once in a while, there will be a guy who you didn't find cute and then they whip out the eyeliner, and holy miss moley, I'm smitten like a kitten
-A guy in a dress is always great. Particularly if they're skinny and hairy to begin with. This might have something to do with my latent bi-sexuality.
-Which reminds me, hairy is also good. The more spiratic the patches the better. Just as long as it's not on their shoulders. And it has to be good and dark. That might explain my obsession with hobbits.
-I guess these things also explain why I find the above comedians so damn hot. They all fall into one of these categories. Though I have yet to find a guy besides my dad to wear Old Spice. I wonder if I can get Dom to start wearing it so I don't feel so creepy.

Extreme Butthole?

Today's spam title winner was almost “Chat With Vaginas On The Internet!” but then I saw Extreme Butthole? and I knew I had to use it. It's the question mark that is the clincher (pun intended…ew).

I was reading The Black Table and found this article about unusual turn-ons for ladies. A bunch of writers basically wax horny about their favorite unusual turn on from comic book geeks to fundamentalist Christians. Which of course got me thinking…what's my unusual turn on? Well, I think I have my answer and it's going to sound cliche as all get out and not that unusual, but I think it's the length to which this turn-on works that is unusual. So mine is: Funny. If a guy is funny, and I mean REALLY funny, my knees will go weak and I am basically puddy. For examples of the extremity to which this works, here is a short list of comedians who, while certainly not traditionally attractive, melt my proverbial butter something fierce:
David Cross
Zach Galifianakis
Eddie Izzard
Patton Oswalt
Jack Black

Of course there are traditionally hot comedians that are also pretty awesome. But if they weren't funny, I wouldn't think twice about them.

By the way, if you don't go to The Black Table every day, you should. It's one of the best “time waster” sites on the net. And they always have links to those fun little fucked up sites that you never would have come across otherwise.

A man with no legs sitting on the sidewalk with a cup full of change wished me a “Happy Friday” today. Is is wrong of me to think that's a little funny?