The Alpha-bitch

I stole this one from someone and changed most of the questions because they were boring. These might not be any better, but I tried. It's not as easy as one might think.

Animal you would be? A housecat. Hands down.
Born on what day of the week? Friday, baby! TGIJ!
Can you roll your tongue? No. Recessive gene.
Daring thing you did? Shamelessly threw myself at Dom when I wasn't even sure if he knew my name.
Ear lobe nibbling. Sexy or not? Definitely yes.
Frankenstein or The Wolf Man? Wolf Man.
Goal for the next year of your life? Save money! Or not gain any more weight.
Handsomest James Bond? Connery.
Is Justin Timberlake gay? As a gay dollar bill.
Joke. Tell me one. What's Black and White and Red all over? An embarassed panda.
K is for kill. What would drive you to murder? Animal Cruelty
Link. Post a fun one here.
Macauley or Kieran? Kieran!
Newest CD you bought/stole? I just got The Cure b-sides 4 disc set from the library.
Over or under for toilet paper? Over!
Pee'd in the pool? A few times. Lucky for you, I don't go swimming very often.
Quote you like from the Simpsons? “Your Newberry Award won't save you now!”
Religious affiliation (if you HAD to pick)? Paegan
Sound you like? A beer opening.
Terrible thing you did? Threw away my boss's mail from the Republicans
Unique talent? Remembering useless trivia about the entertainment industry.
What's the worst pop song that's popular right now? The Milkshake Song
Xxylophone music? Yes! Violent Femmes.
Year old you were when you learned about sex? 3. I found my brother's “Where do I come from” book, saw the illustrated pictures and thought it was for me. I don't think I fully understood it for a while after that, but it definitely stayed with me.
Zodiac Sign? Virgo. That one's boring but I couldn't think of another Z.


alchemist 0413 bonbons

I'm channeling my Dickensian counterpart, Small Snell. (cough, cough).

So my sore throat is a persistant little bugger. Last night, it got so bad, that it brought tears to my eyes. It was very painful to swallow or breath through my mouth or yawn and the lump in my throat (swollen tonsils?) felt HUGE. Dom was freaking me out by reading me the symptoms of strep and mono on webMD (which I should never look at cos it turns me into a hypochondriac). So I was pretty sure I was going to try and jump through the damned circus hoops that my very shitty work-provided health insurance gives me to find a doctor today. I still felt bad this morning when I woke up and even started calling people this morning, but after a few bottles of water, and some tylenol, the pain has subsided and I'm starting to wonder if I was just being a big baby. All I know is that I need to get better by Friday because I'm going to the Stabbin' Cabbin! There's no way I'm missing that party. I just might have to take it a little easy.