Nice Day For A White Wedding

SO last night Dom and I went to the first of two weddings we are to attend this weekend. This one was a Canadian Catholic wedding in a Polish church. What a weird combo. And while we had to do all that annoying standing up and sitting down and listening to bible readings that I hated so much in my youth, it was almost kind of refreshing to hear some of the stuff the priest was saying. When you have a catholic wedding, you have to see a priest ahead of time and talk to him about all the reasons why you want to get married to each other and why you think the other person would make a good husband/wife. It's like pre-marriage counceling. I think it's kind of a good idea because so many people DO take it so litely these days (can you hear me Britney? J-Lo? Hello!). They don't think about it, they just say “Let's get married!” and a year later (if they're lucky to last that long) they have a kid and they are cheating on each other and blah blah blah. It's a big mess. So while I don't agree with or believe in most of catholicism, I definitely agree with the Padre that marriage is not to be taken lightly. You should think about it and ponder it and make DAMN sure that it's something you want to do and do with this person. That said, I also agree with the brilliant comedian Patton Oswalt who says that he thinks people shouldn't be allowed to have weddings when they first start out. Read the whole brilliant idea here.
But the jist of what he says is that GETTING married isn't a remarkable accomplishment. It's STAYING married that is. If you are able to STAY married for 20 years and raise a healthy kid (optional) THEN you can be rewarded by having a wedding to celebrate. But in the meantime, just go to Vegas and leave the rest of us out of it.