Casting Update

Pam: Miranda Otto
Sherrard: Young Paul Simon or Rick Moranis :p

I caved. And now I am back to being happily unproductive.

There is a movie being made about your life. Cast all the following parts. You can pick any actor or actress dead or alive, young or old. (I am going to make this specific to the people reading this blog to make it more interesting…to me. In your own responses, feel free to change family members and friends to people relevent to you)

1. You? Why? Fat Thora Birch because we are similar looking (or so I'm told). And I already know that she can play dorky.

2. your love interest? Why? Dom would be played by Tobey Maguire because that is funny to me. And then Dominic Monaghan playing himself would show up and fall in love with me and I'd have to let him down easy.

3. your best friend? Why? Faye would be played by young Jane Curtain because they are similar looking and Jane Curtain is witty and funny enough.

4. your enemy? Why? Lucy Liu. Cos she can be pretty damned evil if she wants to be. And also spoiled.

5. other friends? Why? Jacob would be played by his doppleganger on Queer Eye because, duh. Frank would be played by young Elvis. Elyse would be played by Marisa Tomei because she's Italian (and she would win an oscar for it as well). Gene would be played by James Spader. I'm having a really hard time casting my friends which is weird considering that Faye and I used to sit around and decide who would play our friends in movies all the time. I might come back and add more friends later.

6. family memebers? Why?
My Mom would be played by Debbie Harry in her current age because they look somewhat similar and I think Debbie could do the crazy.
My dad would be played by Dr. Drew.
My brother would be played by Corey Feldman in his “most traumatic role ever”. Only Faye is going to get that.
My stepmom would be played by Katherine Zeta Jones because Hollywood is like that.
My dad's mom would be played by that sweet old lady that played Happy's grandmother in Happy Gilmore because she plays all the nice old ladies in Hollywood (as well as scary old ladies in David Lynch movies).


razor blade taxidermists from 014

I need to work today. I am way behind because of this damn journal. (Not that I'm complaining. I love you, journal! MWAH!) But, since I am now doing both my job and the job of the other girl in this office, I have to get to gettin. So I might not have time to do a meme today. Which makes me sad.
Anyway, time's-a-wastin' so I'll just say this:

I want to watch the American Shaun of the Dead Trailer! I have to wait till I get home! I am both excited and nervous that there is such a huge buzz about the movie here. Excited because if zombie fever catches on, it will make mine and Faye's movie that much easier to make. Nervous because I still have that childish reaction when something I love becomes popular that “I liked it first, you poseurs!”. It's terrible, I know, but part of me justifies it because so many things are ruined by gaining mass appeal (Donnie Darko never would have HAD a “director's cut” if it hadn't gotten so huge).

But childish jealousy aside, Faye and I are placing our treatment right into the hot little hands of Edgar and Simon on the 14th of August and that is ex-fucking-citing no matter how you slice it!