razor blade taxidermists from 014

I need to work today. I am way behind because of this damn journal. (Not that I'm complaining. I love you, journal! MWAH!) But, since I am now doing both my job and the job of the other girl in this office, I have to get to gettin. So I might not have time to do a meme today. Which makes me sad.
Anyway, time's-a-wastin' so I'll just say this:

I want to watch the American Shaun of the Dead Trailer! I have to wait till I get home! I am both excited and nervous that there is such a huge buzz about the movie here. Excited because if zombie fever catches on, it will make mine and Faye's movie that much easier to make. Nervous because I still have that childish reaction when something I love becomes popular that “I liked it first, you poseurs!”. It's terrible, I know, but part of me justifies it because so many things are ruined by gaining mass appeal (Donnie Darko never would have HAD a “director's cut” if it hadn't gotten so huge).

But childish jealousy aside, Faye and I are placing our treatment right into the hot little hands of Edgar and Simon on the 14th of August and that is ex-fucking-citing no matter how you slice it!

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