There is not a “current mood” selection for “extremely hungover”. If there were, I think a lot of people would use it. But that is how I am feeling today. And unfortunately, I still have one more day of drinking ahead of me. Now some of you might be thinking “Who says you HAVE to drink today?” and you people have a good point. But I will be at a party wherein everyone else will be drinking and I have never been much for standing up to peer pressure. Even when no one is actively pressuring me. God help me, I'm weak! WEAK, I tell you!

Last night was wedding #2. It was the wedding of my good friend Nikki Keely (now Roberts). The ceremony wasn't so bad. It was relatively short and kinda sweet (Nikki was crying during part of it. Philip did say some pretty sweet shit during his vows, so I can understand). The ceremony also featured me reading the english translation of a Pablo Neruda poem. I did practice quite a lot on the drive down there cos even though I'M not into weddings, I didn't want to ruin things for my friend. Apparently, the practice paid off because afterwards, I had STRANGERS come up to me and tell my I did a rousing reading. Wow! Yay for me. Didn't really get to see Nikki much cos she was busy doing “bride stuff” but I did get to hang out with my old friend Kristie Keely (now Thompson), who at the same time last year was running around doing “bride stuff” while I hung out with Nikki. Full circle. So after the reception (which was cut short because we had to be out of the hall at 9:30. Lame.) Kristie, Ben, Dom and I went to their room at the Holiday Inn Express and drank leftover booze from the reception and yammered on till the wee hours. Now THAT'S a party! It was great to see them and I love how I can not see Kristie for 6 months and we get together and it's like I saw her yesterday. Very nice.

This is probably all very uninteresting to every reader but myself so I will stop typing now and go eat some hair of the cheerio.