spamless Blues

So my email server SUCKS and my email is down right now. The spam has undoubtedly been piling up in my inbox since yesterday afternoon and I am powerless to erase it. (I probably get about 500 pieces of spam in a 24 hour period. Yet another reason why my email server sucks. No spam filter). As long as I can get in there and delete some spam before I leave tonight for the Stabbin' Cabbin, I will be happy, because I shudder to think what it all would look like if I've gone 4 days without deleting any spam.

ANYWHO, as I mentioned just now, I am going to the Stabbin' Cabbin this weekend for Roxy’s birthday. In attendance will be the Brunswicks, the Illustrious Meep, Pamelor, Dom, and of course, the fabulous Elyse and Gene. Thank you to Gene for having a dad with a Stabbin' Cabbin. It will no doubt be a rip roaring, debaucherous good time and I can't wait. I hope I can get out of work early today (we can usually go home early on Fridays) because there are a MILLION things I have to do before I leave (including stock up on Claratin and purchase a cooler in which to place boca burgers and beer).

The unfortunate thing is that I'm still ailing from the World's Most Bizarre Sore Throat. At 5 am, I woke up choking on mucus and had to sit upright for a few minutes and drink water to get it down. Gross, I know. And today I am still coughing and now suffering from allergies as well. However, this CAN NOT dampen my spirits, as this weekend will rock and roll like few others.