Meme-ories Pt. 2


Rediculous. That is way too broad. Especially since I've been to two colleges now. So I'll just say this: I miss school. I miss having very little responsibility and being able to stay up late drinking on a Wednesday and make it to my 8:00am class the next morning with no hangover. I miss Spring Break. Being an adult sucks.


1)My 16th. I smoked my first joint and I made a vow to lose my virginity by the end of the year, which I did.
2)My 21st, of course. I went to The Owl & Thisle, everyone bought me drinks, and I had a fantastic time. Drinking in a bar was every bit as cool as I'd suspected it was.


Rather anticlimactic, actually. I was a year younger than everyone in my grade so I took driver's ed a year before I could take my test. I got my learner's when I was 16 and my parents told me that I wouldn't be able to take the car out by myself till my senior year anyway, so I figured there was no point getting my license till then. So I was 17 when I got my license and everyone else had been driving for 2 years. Turns out I'm a terrible driver anyway so now I do it as little as possible


I was dropping hints like crazy to this guy in college. I had just broken up with a boyfriend of two years (and by “just broken up” I mean it was several months later and I had finally been able to stop crying long enough to try and find a rebound. I found one in this silly little freshman, thinking it would be pretty easy. I just wanted to make out with him a few times and be done with it. Well, my hinting was fruitless, so finally, I just told everyone I knew to tell him that if he wanted, I would make out with him, no strings. He started flirting with me all the time but STILL nothing ever happened and he avoided all situations in which we could be alone together. So I gave up. Just about that time, my senior year was almost over and he came to a graduation party at my friend's house. After everyone was asleep, and we were lying on the couch, he made his move. It was a horrible disaster and was over in 10 minutes (I might be being liberal with the time). Luckily, I never really had to see him again after that. Worst. Rebound. Ever.


Just had a blast in Eastern Washington at the Stabbin' Cabbin. See previous journal entry.


Dallas, TX (baby), Beaverton, OR (2-4), Huntsville, AL (4-8), Flower Mount, TX (8), Richmond, VA (9-17), Tacoma, WA (17-22), London, UK (22), Seattle, WA (23-present).


Mostly through college or through film projects. Come on, you all know how I met you guys.




My first organized kiss was playing spin the bottle at Hippie Camp. I was 14. His name was Daniel. He liked my friend. A few days later, a 13 year old named Robbie kissed me on his own accord after the square dance. He later gave me poison ivy.


Jesus. This won't be fun for anyone to read so I'll try to keep in breif. I babysat in high school. I worked at a B&B my freshman year of college. I worked for food services in college. I tempted at a billion places after college, including whilst in London, I worked for 5 minutes at a TV production company in Seattle that makes stupid reality shows. Then I got the sack and now I work in my present version of hell.

I liked part 1 of this a lot better.


scooby snack 5 curses

My weird cold has mutated once again. Now my throat doesn't hurt at all, really, but I'm up all night coughing. This morning I woke up and one of my eyes was crusted shut and when I opened it, it was all bloodshot. Gross, I know. I'm not sure how many more incarnations this thing is going to take before it decides to finally leave me.
I am not happy about being here at work either. Yesterday, after lunch, everyone (led by the tiniest little dictator) began to scrutinize my workspace once again. Now, I am the receptionist so my desk is just hanging out there for everyone to see. However, it is not a proper reception desk, and is, in fact, the smallest, crappiest desk in the office. Therefore, it doesn't look very nice when a client walks in. The notion of us being able to BUY a new desk is unlikely because we have a hard enough time just getting the budgeting people (in Portland) to let us have an extra chair for the conference room. So instead, everyone was trying to figure out “free” solutions to making my area better. 'Lil Dictator said “Why don't we take all this stuff and move it to the table behind you?” She was gesturing towards all the papers and files on my desk that are my WORK. “Because that's my WORK,” says I. “Oh, well, what if we put it all on a credenza over in that corner?” Is she serious? “Because that's my WORK and I still need to be able to answer the phone and greet clients,” says I. “Oh.” After they moved the candy dish, put my garbage can in the corner far away from me, re-arranged my files and and tried to get me to move my computer monitor to about 2 inches away from my face, they decided that one of them should swap desks with me since no one ever sees THIER desks. But of course, no one WANTED to swap because then they would have the smaller, crappier desk. So they argued amongst themselves for a while, still standing right next to me so I wasn't getting any work done. Finally, they decided that one of them would switch with me and then they would switch amongst each other and then everyone would be marginally happy. But who will do the moving. I bet it will be me, the ass monkey. This whole process took about 2 and a half hours in which no one was doing any actual work. What will today have in store. I can't wait to find out.