apartment building 2 ballerinas TIME to REFILL Your VAL1UM Prescription .

Last night I attended a birthday party for one of my former co-workers (when I worked at the TV production company). He's a great guy and he's got a cool girlfriend and very nice dog, but I felt kind of guilty for walking around being a little green monster all night. First of all, he has the dream Geek house. The upstairs is presentable and nice; the perfect combination of “adult” furniture with interesting “accent pieces” (who watches too much Queer Eye?). Then, as you head downstairs, the hallways are lined with old movie posters. The stairway opens up into a huge rec room which is fantastic. There's an old arcade game, a red, full-sized pool table, a bizarre japanese slot game, nick-knacks a plenty, and a juke box that plays 45's (great 80's classics!). All over the walls are awesome old movie posters. In the back is a full bar in a retro style. As if that isn't enough, further back in the basement is the TV room which has a huge comfy couch, a giant flat screen TV and every DVD on my Amazon.com wish list. I guess the professional editing gig pays well. So yeah, I'm envious of all that “stuff” which is horribly consumerist of me. But I can get over it. The thing that really burned me was job envy. Another one of my former co-workers showed up, along with 3 new people who were hired after I got the sack. They talked about work all night (as people are wont to do). They complained about the long shoots, of course, and things not going right. But their problems at work consist of guests not saying the right thing on camera or the trebuchet not throwing the piano that's on fire far enough. When I worked at this place, I hated my job because I had THE boss from hell (“Swimming with Sharks” anyone?), but everyone else was great. Here's how bad my boss was: A former employee of his is “The View”'s Lisa Ling. When she was asked who her worst boss was, she named my former boss on television. ANYWAY, my point is this: Even though I was always stressed out at that job, and that boss was horrible to me, even though my current boss is really nice, at least when I worked there I was in the BALLPARK of the kind of work I want to do. Right now I'm about as far away from making movies for a living as you can get. And doing it in my spare time is one thing. But if I ever want to make a career out of it (which I GODDAMNED do!), it's gonna be difficult when I spend nine hours a day here answering the phone and doing useless crap.
No matter. Faye and I are going to get our zombie movie made and we're going to get the hell out of our stupid monkey jobs! YEAH! yeah?


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