Portends Re: Rock of Love Bus

You may wonder why there were so many commercials for Herpecin during Rock of Love Bus. It is because you can contract herpes by simply WATCHING Rock of Love Bus. If you watched an episode in its entirety, chances are you now have eye herpes.

That completely insane extra draggy version of Daisy who had to be escorted off the set at the end of the pilot, now lives behind the studio dumpster and haunts the dreams of aspiring actresses who just moved to Hollywood from Deep River, Ontario.

When the final episode of Rock of Love Bus airs, it will open a portal to hell. Only Dean and Sam Winchester can stop this from happening.



  1. Seriously, like so many things you write about…you are SPOT on! I am busting a gut too, this is really funny. :)

  2. Thank you! :) I felt it necessary to warn people.

  3. Oh my god. That…she’s…that woman needs help! I mean, this, seriously. Like, I am concerned for her health and safety. I don’t see how any of these junkie whores can pass any kind of reality show clearance. Well, maybe I am just optimistic that there even is any kind of reality show clearance.

    • I think there IS clearance. And it’s designed to normal people out and bring in the craziest, sluttiest people they can find. But one of these days it’s gonna backfire. There has already been a degree of violence on Tila Tequila and shows like that. More people had to go to the hospital on that damn show. And those people just had fists. Eventually, someone is going to have a gun.

  4. how did you like the show you were not every smart on the show you have not mess with that black girl she is a mean girl i do not like her. you need to get some help by some one because you are not a smart person . you need to thand god that she did not kick your ass. you are a fat bitch and you need so fucking help wont you go fuck some more guys .

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