At Last!

Barack Obama is now officially the leader of our country. This has got to be the greatest day in Democracy since its inception. His speech was, as all his speeches are, incredibly moving and inspirational. Since then he and our lovely First Lady have been taking each step in the long day of festivities with such class and grace.

And how adorable/hilarious are Sasha and Malia? That whole family is just awesome. If they weren’t rightfully placed in the White House, I’d wish them to be my neighbors.

I’m alone in my house watching all of this, but I still clapped when that helicopter took Bush away from Washington and set him on his way back to Texas. Michelle was smiling pretty big at the time too. I wonder how hard it is for her to hold in the sassy things you know she is thinking.

To quote my second favorite president, Bill Pullman:

We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!


NFT Radar: Clever Dunne’s Irish House

It’s kind of dirty and falling apart. Even though they supposedly remodeled the infamous bathrooms, I can’t really tell what they did other than paint. There was a head-sized hole in the wall for a while. But for some reason, every time I go to this place, I have a blast. The occasionally Irish, but mostly punk music selection keeps everyone jaunty. The amusing graffiti in the bathroom distracts you from the grossness. You can turn a hole in the wall into a hilarious photo shoot starring your drunken friends. There’s also plenty to do besides make hard lemonade out of bruised lemons. They’ve got darts, pool and a shiny new shuffleboard table. On Trivia Tuesdays, turn your useless pop culture knowledge into cash and drinking-related prizes. If you get hungry, well, they can’t help you there. But they don’t care if you bring in your own grub from nearby taco, pizza or chicken and jojo vendors. You’ll have a lot of fun without dropping a lot of cash (unless, of course, you get so drunk that you drop your cash). Seems like a clever business model to me.

1501 E Olive Way 98122

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