NFT Radar: Red Light

Seattle thrift stores are completely picked over. You have a better chance of getting struck by lightening than of finding a vintage gem at the Goodwill. Thankfully there’s the Red Light. The sizes tend to run a little small and ladies who still have all their ribs might have to root around a little. But it’s usually worth the effort. The prices are surprisingly reasonable as long as you stick to true vintage. Stay away from the “vintage inspired” rip-off racks of new clothes. The Capitol Hill location is superior to the U.D. in terms of selection. It’s also fun to peruse their massive costume room whether or not you have a reason to dress up. Take a minute to peek at the accessory cases containing fun wallets and purses, funky sunglasses and jewelry and seriously badass belt buckles. Whether you’re attending a theme party or just like the old timey look, Red Light should be your first stop on your shopping excursion. But try to get your Halloween shopping done early or sharpen your elbows because the last week of October at either Red Light location is a douchy free-for-all.

312 Broadway E 98102

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