NFT Radar: Curtsy Bella

These days, you can pretty much buy anything on line. But Curtsy Bella remembers when customer service meant something. If you’re in the market for a cute and quirky gift for your engaged friend, your pregnant friend or your girlfriend, 10 minutes of browsing the cleverly arranged displays will yield more viable options than you ever thought possible. Their fanciful inventory includes socks, hats, bags, jewelry, clothing, and plenty of knickknacks you can’t live without. They also have a delightfully snarky greeting card selection to help express your sentiments. It’s like an upscale Archie McPhee’s you’re your recipients will actually use the things you buy them. The easily overwhelmed can take advantage of their shopping service. Call or email with a little information and they’ll work with you until they find the perfect gift to meet your needs. They’ll even gift wrap it (in leopard print paper!) and ship next day or same day by courier. You’ll look thoughtful, whimsical and timely. I’d say that you couldn’t buy service like that. But you could. At Curtsy Bella.

2920 NE Blakeley St

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NFT Radar: Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co.

Space is a dangerous place so you’d be remiss to travel through it unprepared. Fortunately, the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. is there to ensure you have everything you need from copious amounts of astronaut ice cream to that all-important map of the (known) universe. They also provide you with creature comforts like Cosmic Kitties, Paper Soap and an Instant Yard to get you through those endless nights out in the cosmos. It’s a cute little shop full of space-themed toys, t-shirts books and knickknacks and the perfect gift destination for cosmonauts of all ages. Oh, and if you’re wondering why a space traveler would need the complete works of Dave Eggers, it probably has something to do with 826 Seattle, the local chapter of non-profit youth writing program he founded. All of the stores proceeds go directly to the kids so you can feel good about that purchase of emergency underpants. That’s not where their community outreach ends. Every year, they also stage a protest against Pluto’s demotion from regular planet to dwarf planet. Someone has to speak up for the little guy!

8414 Greenwood Ave N 98103

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NFT Radar: Birth and Beyond

I generally dread the idea of even entering a maternity shop. Frumpy clothes! Smug sales people! Other pregnant ladies! But there are some things every pregnant lady needs and finding them on the internet isn’t always possible. For those things, Birth and Beyond is the answer. Granted, it’s located in the stroller-mom heavy Madison neighborhood. But when you need nursing bras, you need nursing bras. Who the hell knows what size you are anymore? They do! They carry the big cup sizes in case nature has been a little extra kind to you. They also have a nice selection of cute nursing apparel that’s cut to accentuate your changing womanly features instead of making you look like a marshmallow in casual wear. The staff is very knowledgeable and accommodating (Need to change or feed your baby on the fly? There’s a place for that). New to this mommy business and need some tips? Check out their class schedule for an affordable way to bone up on your skills. Of course like with every maternity shop, you can also easily spend a million dollars on baby shit you don’t need. But it’s absolutely worth the visit for the things do you need.

2719 E Madison St 98112

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NFT Radar: Snacks!

Snacks! is the sort of place that Charlie Bucket would have stood outside with longing, his poor little face pressed up against the window. For those of you who don’t have to share a bed with all of your grandparents, Snacks! is open Thursday through Saturday till 2:30am (10 am-6 pm Sunday) and provides a rotating array of treats with the Ballard post-bar and munchie-laden in mind. Catering to both savory and sweet palettes and contrary to logic, it’s best not to have any idea what you want when you walk through those doors because you never know what you’re going to find. Their signature items, including pints of Molly Moon’s ice cream in seasonal flavors, Dante’s hot dogs, and the Chilly Dog (soft serve ice cream in a toasted bun with peanut butter and jelly) are mainstays, but their beer, wine, general snack and candy selection is constantly changing. Their best offerings are not portable over long-distances, so Snacks! isn’t the best option if you don’t already live in Ballard, or you’re not planning to hang out there. If only there were a Snacks! in every neighborhood.

5219 Ballard Ave NW 98107

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NFT Radar: I Love New York Deli

I was raised on the East Coast, but I happily moved to Washington for college and never looked back. I’d never really understood all the complaining by New Yorkers about the lack of good delis and bakeries in Seattle. Different places have different things. But then the I Love New York Deli happened. I’d forgotten all about knishes, rugelach, babka, and piles of thinly sliced and cured meats on marble rye. But these guys haven’t. And they expertly deliver the goods to jonesing east coast ex-pats. It’s like a Seinfeld episode come to life. The staggering knish selection offers both sweet and savory options. They bake their own breads and bagels every morning. There are multiple options for lox and schmear. Breakfast is served daily till 11 and includes a bevy of Kaiser egg sandwiches. At lunch, every enormous, made-to-order sandwich is served with a big, crispy pickle. They also offer a small dry goods selection for those of you missing Stella Doro, Wise chips, and Chock-Full-O-Nuts, plus your typical pre-packaged kosher foods. Though I still love Seattle for its Seattleness, I apparently have plenty of room in my heart for the I Love New York Deli.

5200 Roosevelt Way NE 98105

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NFT Radar: Berserk Games

Here’s a scenario for you: You’re having 3 of your closest friends over for a game night. Then one of them calls and mentions they’ve invited a couple more. This is a disaster! Sure you have enough alcoholic energy drinks to go around, but Settlers of Catan is only a four-person game. Fortunately, there’s still time to get your butt over to Berserk Games and pick up that expansion pack. Now everyone can join in and get wood for sheep! If you have no idea what any of that means, Berserk Games is probably not for you; stick to the Scattegories and Apple Martinis. Otherwise, you will love this place. They have every nerdy German tile game you can think of plus plenty of Magic and Magic-like card games. If you’re tired of regular Carcassone, they have all kinds of expansion mods to make for a riveting evening hunting Wooly Mammoths and getting trampled by Dragons. All this plus a bucket of 12-20 sided die at the counter to entice you as a last-minute impulse buy. Go ahead and treat yourself. Those lands aren’t going to settle themselves.

7217 Greenwood Ave N 98103

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NFT Radar: Upper Playground

Used to be it was a Portland or San Fran destination. But now Seattle’s got our very own Upper Playground. This distinctive clothing store features contemporary graphic design by urban artists on casual apparel. The artists on their roster include Sam Flores, Jeremy Fish, David Choe, Estevan Oriol and Alex Pardee. Printed on high-quality, robust tees and hoodies, these are clothes that will stay with you for the long haul. They’ll certainly survive even the most intense urban lifestyle whether it’s skateboard wipeouts or DJing a Lohan party. Who couldn’t love their t-shirts that incorporate classic metal band logos with the U.P. walrus? Even if t-shirts and hoodies aren’t your thing you can still enjoy the clever and unique art in book form and on bags, mugs, pillows, shower curtains and accessories. They also have an art gallery, which occasionally holds shows and openings. At the very least, it’s a great place to find your next tattoo idea. Be sure to check out their website for more information about the artists and upcoming gallery shows, plus some pretty funny videos.

4730 University Way NE 98105

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NFT Radar: Red Light

Seattle thrift stores are completely picked over. You have a better chance of getting struck by lightening than of finding a vintage gem at the Goodwill. Thankfully there’s the Red Light. The sizes tend to run a little small and ladies who still have all their ribs might have to root around a little. But it’s usually worth the effort. The prices are surprisingly reasonable as long as you stick to true vintage. Stay away from the “vintage inspired” rip-off racks of new clothes. The Capitol Hill location is superior to the U.D. in terms of selection. It’s also fun to peruse their massive costume room whether or not you have a reason to dress up. Take a minute to peek at the accessory cases containing fun wallets and purses, funky sunglasses and jewelry and seriously badass belt buckles. Whether you’re attending a theme party or just like the old timey look, Red Light should be your first stop on your shopping excursion. But try to get your Halloween shopping done early or sharpen your elbows because the last week of October at either Red Light location is a douchy free-for-all.

312 Broadway E 98102

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