NFT Radar: Berserk Games

Here’s a scenario for you: You’re having 3 of your closest friends over for a game night. Then one of them calls and mentions they’ve invited a couple more. This is a disaster! Sure you have enough alcoholic energy drinks to go around, but Settlers of Catan is only a four-person game. Fortunately, there’s still time to get your butt over to Berserk Games and pick up that expansion pack. Now everyone can join in and get wood for sheep! If you have no idea what any of that means, Berserk Games is probably not for you; stick to the Scattegories and Apple Martinis. Otherwise, you will love this place. They have every nerdy German tile game you can think of plus plenty of Magic and Magic-like card games. If you’re tired of regular Carcassone, they have all kinds of expansion mods to make for a riveting evening hunting Wooly Mammoths and getting trampled by Dragons. All this plus a bucket of 12-20 sided die at the counter to entice you as a last-minute impulse buy. Go ahead and treat yourself. Those lands aren’t going to settle themselves.

7217 Greenwood Ave N 98103

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