Hotter with a Beard: Ryan Gosling Edition

I never really got the Ryan Gosling “thing”. I tried to watch The Notebook and couldn’t finish it. It was just SO melodramatic. And both main characters seemed half retarded. It was like watching a remake of The Other Sister.

But he sure looks cute with a beard. And he seems like kind of a weird dude in real life, which I like. Also, there’s this.


NFT Radar: Banya 5

Global warming means cold winters. A recession means busting your butt at work so you don’t get a pink slip. Banya 5, means extreme relaxation to help you forget about these trying times. Unwind like a gangster in this authentic Russian bathhouse. If you want a deep tissue massage or salt scrub, you might have to tap the mattress bank. But you can spend all day in hydrotherapy for only $35. The entry fee includes the hot tub, steam room, tepid pool, sauna and cold plunge. You’ll feel a little like a brick oven pizza in the 200 degree sauna, but a dip in the cold plunge will cool you right off. After that, the tepid pool will feel like a hot tub. Take a break from all that detox with a cup of tea in the lounge. You don’t even have to change out of your swimsuit. You’ll be so warm when you leave that every room you’ll be in for the next several hours will become a steam room. This is exactly how the Russians survive their winter. Well, that and the vodka.

217 9th Ave N 98109
206 262-1234

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