Weekend Recap


Meep, B. and I kicked our evening off with a trip to the Meridian to see Not the Illuuuuuuusionist: Batman Vs. Wolverine. The acting was good. The story was, for the most part, engaging. But the “twist ending” was…not much of a twist.

Next, we headed up the Hill to meet the Booze clan and celebrate Christie's birthday. The party was uneventful until around 1:30 when B. and Brother Booze got into an argument about shoe size (B claimed that a man so tall (well over 6 feet) should not have such small feet). This led to a wrestling match in which B was awfully out weight-classed. But my man is scrappy and so the wrestling continued until Scott put an end to the madness. I, the helpful girlfriend that I am, took pictures. Unfortunately, it was with Brother Booze’s camera. So hopefully he still has them and is willing to upload them.


In preparation for the Pie Party, I spent much of the day grocery shopping and baking. I also got a little cleaning done. Naturally, all this was accomplished bare-footed while NOT watching The Little Vampire on TV.

B picked me up around 9 and we were fortunate enough to find parking near Corey's Nautically-Themed Bar. Alas, we were early. But pies began to trickle in, and, before we knew it, we were stuffed silly with home-baked goodness. The deliciousness included a Pumpkin Apple Butter, a Pumpkin Cheesecake, a Pecan, a Bacon Pie (a.k.a. quiche), an Apple, and my own Key Lime (with raspberry sauce).

B and I took our leave early to attend a birthday party at the Knarr. It was a struggle to stay awake after all that pie-gorging, but we managed to make it till (mostly) last call.


In accordance with a recent hankering, we breakfasted at the Wayward Cafe on vegan biscuits and gravy and chocolate/coconut pancakes. Next, we headed to Greenwood for a baby shower. We immediately regretted having stuffed ourselves so silly, because Beth had made a delicious-looking spread of mini-sandwiches, stuffed mushrooms and cream puffs. We did, however, have room for some brunch drinks. (i.e. Bloody Marys and Mimosas). The guest of honor arrived and we got into the baby shower games which involved guessing baby food flavors and identifying melted candy bars in diapers. I'm told that these are pretty typical games for a shower. This being my first one, however, I had fun playing them.

Then the gift haul was brought out and the guest of honor began to sift through them. I was pretty amazed at how many nerd/indie baby clothes and accessories exist in the world. But I suppose I shouldn't be. X-Files fans and hip liberals have kids too so why shouldn't someone make a “I Want To Believe” or “I'm already smarter than the president” onesie? Brighton Butterfield is going to be a well-dressed nerd complete with his own giant, fuzzy twenty sided die and plush Cthulhu. He also has his Fancy Dress issues taken care of in the form of a Superman costume and a Darth Vadar Fleece (from Yours Truly).

After the shower, B needed to do something manly (and also pick up his card from the night before), so we had a quick drink at the Knarr and he checked on the football score. We killed a little time with some cigars and conversation in the back yard before heading to Buckley, Washington to explore the Haunted Corn Field. This thing was awesome. I highly recommend it. It was very well put-together. There must have been a hundred people in that corn field, each with a different method of scaring the patrons. My favorite parts were the spinny black light room, the pitch-black maze room, and the bloody outdoor bathroom set. I also really liked the big maze at the end in which we were stalked by a maniac with a chainsaw. The whole thing was very cool I strongly suggest checking it out before the season ends.

On our way back from Buckey, we stopped, along with the Brunswicks, at a casino in Auburn for a quick drink. We were amazed when our total for two (hard) drinks came to $3.50. Yowsa. Too bad Auburn is, well, in Auburn.

Next Weekend: Halloween Parties!


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