second attempt


We had our Snow Day wrap party which was loads of fun! We were pleasantly surprised to discover that The Grotto in the basement of The Rendezvous is an adorable cross between an underground bar in Amsterdam and The Mos Eisley Cantina. Our bartender was an super cool gay man called Babe who bore an uncanny resemblance to Tom Savini. Before we arrived, we'd consumed a bottle of champagne in an attempt to keep booze costs down. I never seen to remember that such a thing doesn't work because I forget that I'm hammered and buy too much alcohol anyway. Regardless, a good time was had by all (or at least by me). We danced to Joy Division and it seemed like a matter of minuted before the Shame Lights came up and we were thrown out onto the street. At the time, I thought I had a lot of party left in me, but I completely crashed as soon as my head hit the pillow.

But really, didn't I deserve that? 5 pints of water, some french fries and 1 nap later, I became functional and was able to accompany Faye to sign the lease on her new apartment (the interior of which looks exactly like my apartment but with only one bedroom). While she filled out the paperwork, I hung out with her landlord's carpet loving, windowsill eating toddler. Children are very weird and I will never understand them.
After that, we had about two hours to kill before our Snow Day wrap dinner for minors. (Several of the people that worked on the project were under 21 and couldn't attend the party). Faye and I lingered over some chai magic for an hour but still had another hour to go. We ended up at the ridiculously huge and versatile QFC on Broadway where we purchased each other stuffed animals. I got Faye a fluffy puppy with a purple bow whom she dubbed “Pupzooki” and she got me a fanciful purple unicorn called “Unicron”. We then attempted to stroll VERY SLOWLY to Charlie's as we still had 20 minutes before the dinner. Luckily, one of our minors arrived early so we hung out with him as everyone else trickled in. But guess what? He was the ONLY underager that showed up. Seriously, people. If you RSVP “yes” to an evite, it's as good as a legally binding contract. You are now, under the penalty of law, legally assholes.
Still, the 7 of us old fogeys had fun with our little fella. We later took him back to the Zookster Palace to watch Zardoz.
Ah…Zardoz. What can be said about this film that can't be better summed up by looking at this picture? Or this one?
After that we watched SNL with Jason Bateman which was one of the best SNL's I have ever seen. Their current cast is really incredible.
Also…ale and pie.

We spent the morning doing ADR (“additional dialog recording”) for Snow Day. It went pretty well. Also, Faye and I now have director vocal cameos in the movie!
Later, yoga.
Later still, Arrested Development.

Hooray for weekends!



My extremely long and enteraining LJ entry just got lost. I hit the spell check button and the window closed. There is no way I can be that prolific again. Fuckers.

I'll try again in a little while. Right now I have to go cry. It's definitely a Garfield-style Monday.