Amatuer Match

Last night I watched the DVD compilation of the work of Michel Gondry. It is very entertaining and I enjoyed it as much as I enjoy his films (Human Nature being one of my favorite movies), but I found this DVD to be EXTREMELY intimidating as well. Part of me was thinking “if only my dreams were as eccentric as his, I could come up with cool ideas for films and videos too!” But it's not just his IDEAS. The man gets an idea and then he knows EXACTLY how to pull it off. It's one thing to think “I want Beck to follow his shoes. I want dozens of Kylies to walk around the block together. I want the White Stripes to be made of LEGGOS!”. It's another thing to DO it and make it look awesome and not at all special-effects laden. I was in AWE watching the Kylie video. I honestly could not figure out how he did it. I fell back on the notion that it must be a blue screen. BUT IT WASN'T! HOLY SHIT! He's just some sort of savant!! It's a good thing my film aspirations are low concept (lots and lots of bloody gore) because otherwise, just knowing Michel Gondry exists would be enough to make me want to crawl into a hole and never attempt to make a movie again.

On a different note: The “Hitchhiker's” trailer is finally on line and I can't bloody watch it till I get home!!! Poo sticks!


Don't let ED depress you…

It has been a trying week indeed. On Monday morning, we learned that our composer quit the movie (because he was swamped with PAYING gigs). I guess I can understand needing to take the paying gigs and dropping the non-paying ones but it still screws us and that does not make me happy. Dom has been frantically trying to find a new composer. It hasn't been easy. The trouble with most of them is that, in order for them to do it for free, we can't have a nice, traditionally horror orchestral soundtrack. The alternative? Midi. Which sounds…like midi. We did NOT want that. Our old composer happened to know a lot of musicians who could play for free. No one else does. Maybe we can just have Dom rif on his tin whistle live while he watches the movie. It worked for Jim Jarmusch.

But that was just the beginning. My week has been shitty for loads of day-job related reasons that are too boring to explain. I'll just say that it has been hell here and I can't tell if I'm getting sick or I just feel like ass because I hate it here so much.

There have been some highlights though. Monday night I watched this low budget horror flick called “Detour” with Dom, Faye and Sherrard. The “plot”: some liberal arts college students are driving back from a rave through the desert and they take a titular detour to find a rumored peyote field. But instead of peyote, they find some disgruntled Tuscan Raiders who have taken to cannibalism. The result? Lots of girls in daisy dukes die bloody deaths. FANtastic.
After the movie we watched the toy division of the dog show and laughed heartily as the little fluffy dogs whose hair obscured their legs. Watching a dog who appears to have no legs run is the height of comedy.

And those are the high points. Everything else has been shit city.