NFT Radar: Neptune Coffee

If you thought coffee shop culture in Seattle was stagnant, you obviously haven’t been to Neptune Coffee. Nestled conveniently in the Greenwood main drag, Neptune Coffee is resurrecting the coffee shop as a destination, rather than a stop on the way to something cooler. It’s owned and operated by a friendly chap named Dan who really understands customer draw and retention. During the day, take advantage of the free wi-fi and comfy, lap top oriented seating arrangements. Order a delicious fresh, hot panini sandwich to accompany your coffee. In the evening, take in some entertainment. They have the old stand-by events like open mic nights and art shows, but they also have something infinitely hipper: Trivia Theme Nights. Recent themes have included Twin Peaks, Arrested Development, the Big Lebowski and Futurama. The entry fee proceeds go to various neighborhood charities and non-profits and the winning teams take home spoils in the form of fun related paraphernalia. I know this first hand because the winning team at Futurama night featured yours truly. Why yes, I AM bragging. But trivia night would not be complete without perhaps the most ingenious idea for a coffee shop yet: Alcohol. Two-fist your latte with bottled beer or a glass of wine. Everybody’s happy!

8415 Greenwood Ave N 98103

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  1. Neptune rules. Greenwood pride, yo.

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