NFT Radar: CrazyCherry

CrazyCherry (formerly the lawsuiterific CrazyBerry), is the frozen yogurt of the future. I admit I was skeptical at first. They have only two flavors, one of which is “plain.” The other is “green tea.” “What’s all this crapery?” I wondered. “I’m on board with the Green Tea but what kind of fascist establishment calls ‘plain’ a flavor? What are my topping options? Rice and water?” But since I’m a girl who loves her some fro yo, I decided to give it a whirl. Much to my surprise, there is nothing plain about the “plain.” It’s sweet and delicious with tangy kick. The “green tea” doesn’t disappoint either. But, as I soon learned: CrazyCherry ain’t about the flavor of the yogurt. It’s about the TOPPINGS! Their vast array is not limited to the moniker-alluded berries. They carry the traditional delights like sprinkles and oreo crumble, but they also offer unique (and magically delicious) toppings like Captain Crunch, marshmallows and mochi balls (Ha! Rice IS a topping). Once you’ve chosen a topping trifeca kick back in a smooth futuristic orange plastic chair and contemplate the white orb lights dangling from the ceiling whilst scarfing down your personalized, moderately healthy yogurt creation. The future is now.

131 Broadway E 98102

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  1. Dude, no! Red Mango is the way to go! There is one in Pacific Place and one at the U-Village and their fro yo is VASTLY superior to CrazyCherry. I am so happy that these places are cropping up–this is the fro yo that I grew up with. The chain in Hawai’i was called Yami Yogurt and was an offshoot of a Korean company, I believe. What Red Mango, CrazyCheery, PinkBerry etc call “plain,” Yami called “natural.” I remember being SO PISSED OFF when I moved here b/cI couldn’t find “natural” fro yo. Vanilla is not the same! if you have any interest (and an ice cream maker) I have a great recipe for it.

  2. These places are cropping up like nuts! There are about 5 places in the U district that serve fro yo with all of the toppings right now!

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