NFT Radar: Blue C Sushi

It may not be the best sushi in Seattle, but it’s definitely the best conveyor belt sushi. Blue C is all about instant gratification and they have it in spades. Once seated, it won’t be but a second or two before something delicious passes before your eyes. And what variety! They got the standards like the California Roll. The salmon and eel rolls are especially competent. You can’t go wrong with any of the tempura rolls from the shrimp to the tofu. Vegetarians rejoice, because unlike most conveyor belt places, you don’t have to special order an animal-free dish. If you’re lucky, they’ll have the delectable V8 roll, stuffed with crunchy veggie tempura in an avocado blanket and doused with hot sauce. Otherwise, the plain old Kappa Maki and Inari are good enough to satisfy. Be sure to grab a potato dumpling hot plate or pickle salad to share. Save room for a cream puff but take small, easy bites lest you squirt cream filling on your date. It’s crowded around dinner time, but with no waiting for service, the turnover is quick. Enjoy a cocktail or sake in the upstairs bar while you wait.

blue c sushi
3411 Fremont Ave N 98103

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The New Twenties Indeed

I didn’t feel as different after getting married as I do after a day of being 30. I guess one difference is that I was actually looking forward to the former. Everyone (in their thirties) says I’m gonna love my thirties, but it sure has been more difficult to look in the mirror. Hopefully it’s more due to the fact that I’m settling into new work and a new schedule than that I am now no longer in the youth market.

Now I’m gonna go unwind the adult way: by watching the new episode of 90210.

XXX Files Re-Opened

mulder slutDlisted reports that David Duchovny is, in fact, a skank and it was the old “Don’t divorce me for cheating” compromise that sent him to “rehab” after all. I know that the “sources” come from the National Enquirer and Us Weekly so there still aren’t any hard facts here. I want to believe that Mulder isn’t a manslut but it doesn’t make sense that a wifey as down-to-earth seeming as Tea Leoni would force him to do something so humiliating over a little web surfing. In this case, Scully’s Razor stands.

NFT Radar: Shorty’s

If there is a heaven, I imagine it is a lot like Shorty’s. Here, a pocket full of quarters will buy you an evening in their pinball room full of old favorites like Medieval Madness and Monster Bash, plus more recent nerd fare such as The Lord of the Rings and the new Indiana Jones game. Yes, it references that silly crystal skull, but it also has mini replicas of the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail and a Sankara Stone (What? It’s COOL!). When you tire of flippers and plungers, trade them in for buttons and joysticks and kick it with Mario or destroy some asteroids. But this isn’t just an arcade time capsule. There is also plentiful booze and hot dogs (both veggie and mystery meat) which will energize you enough to return to your alien-battling mission. If you’re feeling tropical, try one of their “Boozie Smoothies”, a slushie-like beverage that’s rumtastic. It comes with an umbrella. That swell secret bar in the back is available for private party rentals too. Man, I love this place.

2222 2nd Ave 98121

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ANTM: The Eleventh Time’s a Charm

As per usual, I sat down with a group of friends to watch the new cycle of America’s Next Top Model. I expected Tyra take the crazy up another notch. I expected a bunch of dumb little strips of bacon to embarrass themselves in front of a panel of judges. I even expected the tranny (thanks to a media tip-off). But there were two things I didn’t see coming…

antm 111) The special effects. Apparently Tyra is a really big “Who Wants To Be A Superhero?” fan because she totally stole their state-of-the-art lightening and beaming effects. She also clearly worked with a cyborg dialect coach. Excelsior!

2) I actually LIKE some of these girls. That hasn’t happened in forever. I was pretty convinced that every aspiring model in the world was a small-minded, selfish, vapid, evil backstabbing bitch.

But while Isis (the tranny) comes off as a little slow, she also seems like a really good person. She works at a non-profit and she is actually a trained model. She even impressed Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker with her lighting knowledge (though not so much with her booty which the camera caught him checking out. That was a yuck face if I’ve ever seen one.)

I was really impressed by McKey (Mmmkaaaay) who stood up for Isis when the clear villain of the cycle, Clark (with no E), was picking on her. I predict that the Alaskan Moose Girl is going to be brainwashed and become Clark(e)’s minion. I hope I’m wrong, but right now I’m a little down on unworldly Alaskans.

Additionally, I’m pulling for Marjorie to stop slouching, speak up and show everybody what her lanky Fronch arse can do. What she needs is a lesson from Benny Ninja. But really, don’t we all?

I also dig Sheena. She’s loud (in a Rosie Perez kinda way) but earnest, confident (real confidence, not fakey model confidence that comes from extreme insecurity) and positive about herself and her fellow contestants.

I’m glad they kept our home-town girl, Elina, but I see many facets of her personality (vegan, pants-only lesbian) becoming stumbling blocks in future challenges. She is screwed the day they do the “cock skirt” photo shoot. But at the very least, there will be some interesting hot tub scenes before she goes.

The rest of the girls’ personas, if they exist, have yet to emerge. But I can’t wait to see what happens. My early prediction, barring any unforeseen disaster, is that Isis will take it. She really knows her stuff and looks great on camera. Tyra wants to give it to the tranny SO BAD. If Isis wins, she will be able to afford the full operation and we know how Tyra likes to take credit for everything she possibly can.

First Impressions of 90210 TNG

More like 9021-Oh my god what did I just watch?

Yes, I watched the original and I know it wasn’t exactly high drama, but damn was it entertaining. The clothes! The hair! David Silver’s white rapping and b-boy dancing! Very special episodes! It earnestly campy and that’s why it worked.

But the two hour pilot of the 2.0 version was kind of a disaster.

I’m embarrassed for all of you.

There is no standout talent. No new Shannen Doherty. (But at least we have the original Brenda.) Just a bunch of pretty (I guess) “kids” who are stiffer than Julia Stiles in a high school production of MacBeth.

The actress with the most potential is AnnaLynne McCord who plays the resident bitch with potential to have more than one dimension. Unfortunately for AnnaLynne, her physical resemblance to Elizabeth Berkley is so overpowering, that even when she’s doing a perfectly acceptable job reading her lines, I still expect her to slam her french fry basket down on the table and scream “Different places!!” at any given moment. Her character’s name is even Naomi.

They made a huge mistake rushing into the back story on the first two episodes. The dialog was painfully expository. The first 20 minutes all the characters explained their relationships to each other.

Annie (the new Brenda): “Well, you’re my adopted brother and that’s why I love you. And I’m glad we moved here from Kansas City so that our dad can be the new principal of West Beverly High.”

Mom (the new mom): “And there are still weddings in California, right? So I can photograph them. Because that’s what I do for a living!”

Dixon (the new Brandon): “And look, there’s Ethan, the guy you met 2 summers ago and kissed!”

And I know these are high school kids whose emotions are generally all over the map but how can Annie disapprove of Ethan’s skanky ways one minute and then forgive him immediately and usher in the sexual tension? You don’t have to wrap everything up in the pilot. It’s supposed to be a SERIES. Frankly, I expected more from Rob Thomas. But it seems Veronica Mars was more an exception than the rule.

And what’s with the look of this show? Is it always going to be so over color-corrected? It’s so dark and orange at times that it feels like it was shot on VHS.

Of course, I’m still gonna watch. At least as long as Brenda is in the cast. (I don’t give a rat dog’s golden poo about Kelly Taylor. She’s as boring as ever.) There were one or two moments that didn’t make me cringe and/or wretch so maybe it will get better now that we know absolutely everything about all the characters.

On a related note, have you seen Jason Priestly lately? I guess he and Zach Galifianakis totally bonded on the set of Tru Calling because Brandon is looking quite fetching these days in his big grizzly beard. I didn’t know he had it in him.

bearded brandon

To the Sisters Go the Spoils

This past Saturday was the 6th Annual Dodecathelon, the 12 event competition created by my husband to be held on his birthday every year. This is the 4th one that I have attended. The last two years, I have come in 3rd place. There was a little strategy involved but I mostly attribute my placement victory to little more than being there all day and not getting too drunk to move. I have never expected to win because my mister’s male friends are generally very competitive and a couple of them have long coveted the Dodeca trophy. (Yes, there really is a trophy).

The events of the Dodeca this year were:

  • The Cook Off (Sweet and Savory Categories)
  • Lawn “Sports”

  • Croquet
  • Bocce Ball
  • Horseshoes
  • Egg Toss
  • Drinking Games

  • Tang (drinking relay race)
  • Keg Stand (Separate gender categories)
  • Pickle-Shot-Pickle-Shot (exactly how it sounds)
  • Indoor Kid Games

  • Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament
  • Dance Dance Revolution
  • Twister
  • Jenga
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    Mulder is Not a Sex Addict

    He just likes the porns. My very favorite entertainment blog, dlisted, reported that David Duchovny’s sex addiction (which, in my opinion, is generally code for “I cheated on my spouse but I don’t want a divorce”) is actually just an “addiction to internet porn”.

    I’m still trying to take this seriously and not think about that ridiculous Christian propaganda TV movie, Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life. It’s about a teenage boy who is “addicted” to (softcore, white bread) internet porn and it “tears his life apart”. I highly recommend seeking this movie out, by the way. It’s hilarious. Especially the locker room scene where his fellow teenage jocks are creeped out by him regaling them with tales of his porn escapades. Teenage boys creeped out by naked ladies! And it’s not even an all-boys military academy!

    cyber seduction

    Anywho…my new interpretation to this story is that one of their children, really excited about playing their Dora the Explorer computer game, accidentally walked in on daddy going through his XXX Files one too many times.

    These things happen. The ordinary citizen probably wouldn’t seek “professional treatment” for such things. They would just make sure the kids were napping or the door was locked. But D.D. is high profile and different rules apply.

    I’m just glad Mulder isn’t a total cheating ho.

    NFT Radar: Georgetown Liquor Company

    The Georgetown neighborhood is Seattle’s best kept hipster secret and I think a lot of people like it that way, so keep what I’m about to tell you on the proverbial D.L. Georgetown Liquor Company rules. Sure it possesses an unassuming moniker, is tucked away inconveniently (aurally speaking) next to active cargo train tracks, but that’s why one’s able to head there on a weekend and have no trouble getting a service. And that’s hardly the best part. I have good news and I have better news. The GOOD news is that G.L.C. serves a huge menu full of 100% vegetarian (and approximately 38% vegan) sandwiches and salads with nerdy names (Sulu Skewers, Darth Reuben). And ooh boy, are they delicious. If you do cheese, you will be over the moon about the Luna. The BETTER news is that you can relive your childhood (this time with booze!) by indulging in a bevy of Atari, classic or Super NES games on one of 3 set-ups. If you can reminisce (about) it, they have it. But be warned before you start the trash talking. Unless you’re Steve Wiebe, you’re probably a little rusty at Donkey Kong.

    georgetown liquor company
    5501 Airport Way S 98108

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    Free At Last

    If you’ve spent any time with me during the past few months, you’ve doubtless heard me complain about it. Well, I’ve finally done it. I’ve left my job at the little startup that apparently couldn’t. It had to happen. My reasons were many but the biggest of them were money (I wasn’t getting any) and frustration (I was getting plenty). It was almost my two year anniversary with them and I still hadn’t been given any sort of pay raise, despite several meetings pleading my case and persons agreeing that yes, my duties had increased exponentially and yes, I was doing a good job on all counts. I was told repeatedly that we would “see” about getting me more money when certain things fell into place. Basically, I was getting the brush-off while people around me were getting paid way more than they were worth. How could someone who managed a department of 3 people (the department responsible for the product which would ultimately bring in the revenue) get paid less than the average administrative assistant while several others, some of whom were proven to be stealing from and conspiring against the company, got six figure salaries? How could one person make more than twice what MY ENTIRE DEPARTMENT made? How is it fair? How is it just? How is it not borderline indentured servitude? On top of that, there had been verbal abuse from other employees, the stripping of/denial of necessary resources for my department, and a general lack of gratitude for all my hard work for, I would like to again point out, a salary which is less than that of the average administrative assistant. And I was lucky to be getting that. Our paychecks bounced frequently with little done to rectify the situation. Little effort was made to understand what a difficult strain this put on me (and others) financially.

    There are countless other reasons that I shan’t go into. But rest assured, things were very rotten in Denmark.

    So I’ve decided to put an end to it all. I have emancipated myself. And it feels damned good. I’ve got some great things lined up on the career front and each one is infinitely more rewarding and much better compensating. Later, Denmark.