The New Twenties Indeed

I didn’t feel as different after getting married as I do after a day of being 30. I guess one difference is that I was actually looking forward to the former. Everyone (in their thirties) says I’m gonna love my thirties, but it sure has been more difficult to look in the mirror. Hopefully it’s more due to the fact that I’m settling into new work and a new schedule than that I am now no longer in the youth market.

Now I’m gonna go unwind the adult way: by watching the new episode of 90210.



  1. If it’s any consolation to you, I feel like I turned 30 when I moved out of my Capitol Hill studio.

    P.S: I still owe you a burfday present.

  2. You don’t owe me nuthin! :)

  3. Dude- so far my 30s SUCK!!! Ha ha, they aren’t really that bad. I’m hoping my thirties will be kind of like my twenties- kinda awkward and full of growing pains at the beginning- then kinda awesome once I get into the later half. Then I hit 40 and start all over again! Arghhh!!!

  4. Man, you are old! I’m only 28. Those two years really make a difference, don’t they? I was taking some kind of poll the other day and freaked out b/c I was on the top end of my age bracket and that made me start feeling the years crashing down.

    Also, you were totaally right. That Navid kid is actually hot. Too bad 90210 was so boring this week. Was it just me?

  5. Wasn’t just you. It was very very boring. And now I hear Brenda is only gonna be around for another 3 episodes. Something better change quick because I can’t take much more of that skinny wannabe Brenda.

  6. Omg, skinny wannabe Brenda is really, really annoying. That hayseed is, like, every sexual predator’s dream–gullible and naive. I bet she’s the one who gets date raped.

  7. Here’s hoping!

  8. :0 horrible!

  9. Of course I’m totally kidding. RAPE IS WRONG KIDS! Even TV rape!

  10. I knew this girl in college who told us all that Kelly Taylor was her idol and she had all these posters and stuff–and then she told us that she really related to her b/c she had been date raped too. And everyone in the room went :0

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