Supernatural: 15 Unforgivable Plot Holes We Can’t Unsee

To date, we’re 13 seasons into the CW’s hit series Supernatural – a show that started out as a monster-of-the-week romp, but has since woven a rich tapestry of mythology. Kripke and the gang never could have predicted such longevity.

All things considered, they’ve done a good job keeping track of things, but with well over 200 episodes in the can, the writers are bound to slip up once in a while and they’re especially liable to start pulling narratives out of nowhere. It’s hard to blame them considering they thought they were going to be done after season 5. Had they known the legs that their little show would have, they might not have brought out the apocalypse until much later.

With all that in mind, we’re willing to throw them a bone every once in a while (like ret-conning Loki into the angel Gabriel, and introducing a parallel dimension wherein Bobby is alive, the Winchesters were never born, and the angels rule a post-apocalyptic wasteland). But some of the plot holes, inconsistencies, conveniently discovered powers, and dropped plots are so glaring that they simply must be addressed.

That’s just what we plan to do with Supernatural’s 15 Unforgiveable Plot Holes We Can’t Unsee.

Read the list at Screenrant!


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