NFT Radar: The Redwood

I’m not sure what it is with hipsters and hunting themes but it seems to work. The Redwood nails Log Cabin chic with wood paneling; antler lamps and burlap animal targets abound. But unlike a Linda Dershang bar, this place skews more animal-friendly than carnivorous. Vegetarian meatloaf sandwiches, vegan chili burgers, sweet potato fries and yes, some real dead cow as well. And there’s more. You’ll only pay backwoods prices for your cocktails and they’ll throw in free peanuts to boot (go ahead and toss those shells on the floor). However, while you may feel like you’re drinking in the Appalachians, don’t forget to use your indoor voice, even when you’re outside smoking. The neighbors will call the cops on your city slicker ass. For serious.

514 E Howell St 98122

X-posted from Not For Tourists.


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