A Girl With Extra Baggage

So I'm feeling much better today. It's not Tuesday and even though I'm very tired, I seem to be mostly over my emotional slump. Maybe it was getting drunk on a Monday that did it. I'm still very very tired and looking forward to hopefully having a nice quiet evening at home one night this week. It won't be tonight, though, because I'm going to see a free screening of I Robot which will surely be craptastical. But free. And it will allow me to write a scathing review in this space tomorrow, which will be fun and I won't have to be sad once again that Aint It Cool News is slighting my reviews.

I'm also excited because I'm going to see Hedwig, the live show, on Friday with Elyse, Faye, Chris and whoever else we convince before Friday. It's a chance to see it either a) without the interruptions of the Goth Girl superfan who sang along loudly to every song last time or at least b) one of us having the balls to tell her to shut the fuck up this time. If the latter is necessary, that person will surely be Faye. She's good at blasting scathing insults so cold that it makes you want to crawl up into your own asshole for warmth.

Guess what, you guys! I found a page with, like, 100 meme's on them! My arsenal is full and I will be keeping myself busy for weeks to come! Or at least until I get this horrible meme addiction out of my system. Whichever comes first.

Until later, daffidiles.

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